Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Television: very dark future of LCI and Paris Première – The World

Television: very dark future of LCI and Paris Première – The World

The owners of Le Monde confirmed their interest in the resumption of CIA.

It is “probable” that the channel LCI will no longer issue after December 31, 2014, said the head of TF1, Nonce Paolini, after the refusal, Tuesday 29 July, the High Council of Audiovisual (CSA) to allow its passage on free DTT.

M. Paolini said that TF1 will probably not submit a new application to the CSA in the future, even if studied “all remedies” against this decision. It was repeated, however the chain will not be sold.

“sadness, anger, disgust”

Shortly after the decision of the CSA, the owners Le Monde group have nevertheless confirmed their interest in the recovery of the chain, “ complementary activities of the World and in line with the ongoing transformation of the group ‘ wrote Louis Dreyfus on behalf of Pierre Bergé, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse who come to redeem Le Nouvel Observateur and Rue89.

For several weeks, the group’s employees were mobilized on social networks. The newscaster 13 hours of TF1, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, and the Director of Information, Catherine Nayl, thus their support teams LCI.

However, Xavier Couture, the former CEO of TF1, accuses Patrick Le Lay, CEO of the group from 1998 to 2008, without citing namely, refusing passage of the chain free when he had the chance. If iTV BFMTV and are freely available since 2005, the TF1 group has never offered its news channel during the various calls for applications for the DTT launched by the CSA.


About Paris Première, which? free passage was also refused, the M6 ​​Group has responded “disapproving” that refusal. CEO, Nicolas de Tavernost disputes in particular its string “offr (e) format and adress (e) an audience with analogies” with other channels, such as writing the CSA.

The group is also considering an appeal to the Council of State that could be formalized in a few weeks. And if the situation remains unchanged, the chain could also put the key under the door if “it is no longer viable” .

Asked by World , Olivier Schrameck, president of CSA, said “the decision [CSA] is the result of an analysis of the situation as it presents itself to us through studies of impact. We have done what the legislature has commanded us, that is to say an analysis at a given time “

Regarding the fate of Paris Première and LCI.

“It is TF1 to make free decisions. The CSA has no public comment to make on this point. I think TF1 will be conducted to consider the environment that is hers, the effect may have, for the group itself, removing a string, and the opening is made for the future by the decision of the CSA. It will be his decision, not the decision of the CSA, which only allow the situation as a result of previous decisions of TF1. “

Read the full interview with Olivier Schrameck, president of CSA (subscriber edition):” All the indicators are orange for free TV ”


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