Monday, July 28, 2014

Pro-Palestinian protest in Paris: half of detainees released for … – TF1

Pro-Palestinian protest in Paris: half of detainees released for … – TF1

Half of the people in custody after the incident on the sidelines of an event pro-Palestinian prohibited Saturday Paris were released without prosecution, has a judicial source said on Monday. Forty-one people, including a minor, were placed in custody on a total of 65 arrested.

align=”justify”> 21 finally received no further, and nine remained in custody Monday, the measure has been extended. Two others had their custody rose with further investigation. Two people will be a reminder of the law and seven should be referred to the prosecutor for two court appearances (for violence against persons exercising public authority and participation in an unlawful assembly) and five that will be considered later (especially for organizing an illegal demonstration or carrying a weapon prohibited).

align=”justify”> Between 4,000 and 10,000 people, according to the respective estimates of the police and organizers braved Saturday’s protest ban decided by the police headquarters because, according to her, risk of disturbing public order. The gathering, nevertheless tolerated on Republic Square cordoned off by the police, had led to clashes when small groups began to throw missiles at riot police and gendarmes. But the excesses were generally contained by the police. At the rally, young men climbed onto the monument of the Republic burned an Israeli flag. A handful of protesters mimed the gesture of quenelle, rallying supporters polemicist Dieudonné, or gave the Nazi hello. Swastikas were daubed on the stone monument.


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