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Circus animals they represent a danger? –

Circus animals they represent a danger? –

COMPANY – The presence of cats or elephants in public sometimes causes accidents …

They scare as they fascinate. Tigers, lions, elephants and more are essential elements for amateur circus. But their presence can be a source of danger.

Sunday, a little girl of 16 months was scratched by a lion across the cage during a visit to the animal circus Zavatta Ouistreham (Calvados). The accident is not an isolated case. Last September, a pensioner was killed by the blow of an elephant’s trunk in Lizy-sur-Ourcq (Seine-et-Marne). The pachyderm Cirque Europe had escaped from its pen.

“An accident is always human error,” says Willy’s, the press Arlette Gruss circus. “It is unusual that an elephant escapes. When holding animals of this type, we must respect the law. If this is done, the risks are minimal, “

Boundaries security grilles, presence of guards. Worldwide capitals focus on prevention. “Our beasts are not left unattended for a minute. For elephants, the two people who care know the last twelve years. Nobody can get close without being there. We do not let either take photos in the cages of wild beasts. “

” Evacuate the overflow of energy “

But a careless mistake or behavior risk of a spectator, and this is the accident. What to reopen the debate on the presence of wild animals in circuses.

“They can not develop their normal behavior because their physiological needs are not met. The elephant used to live in herds, and to 20 km per day, “says Véronique Papon, association animal code. “These animals are suffering and therefore potentially dangerous, even unintentionally.”

“Do not focus on cats and elephants. Any animal, if it can not vent, or is held in harsh conditions, can become aggressive, “slice veterinary Véronique André-Popiel. “The cat sleeps 8:00 p.m. daily. The important thing is to let her moments of activities where he can relax, play and remove the overflow of energy. “

A circus without wild animals?

In March 2011, France has strengthened its legislation by way of security and detention (cage size, access to the outside …). Not enough to Véronique Papon. “We support the ban on wild animals in circuses. Some municipalities as Creil (Oise), Bagnolet or Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) have already issued orders prohibiting the past. Greece, the Netherlands and more recently England and Belgium also take the plunge. “

Soon a show without elephants or cats? Willy’s not thinking about it. “All our maximum is made for their welfare. You know, the animals, they are artists in their own right. “In Ouistreham, the scratch did not flee the spectators, quite the contrary. Joint Express , the manager explained that since the accident, bookings have exploded.

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