Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Essonne: a man killed by a police officer during an arrest … – The Point

Essonne: a man killed by a police officer during an arrest … – The Point

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Romanian was killed Tuesday by a police officer who was shot during an arrest went wrong in Montgeron in Essonne, Has to sources close to the investigation. Tuesday night around 19 pm, three men “quite drunk and quite upset,” the source said, cause pollution on a street in Montgeron. According to the mayor, François Durovray, municipal police intervened at the Moulin de Senlis, a building of the 14th century in part squatted, where three men have held their head alcoholic.

Municipal Police then appealed to the national police who managed to master two individuals. Faced with the virulence of the trio, one of the officers used his Flash-Ball initially. Two of the three men accept orders “and submit to pat-downs, but the third will not.” According to preliminary results, it then shows and threatening “with a broken bottle in his hand,” is headed for a police, provides a source close to the investigation. In circumstances that remain unclear, the official is then used his gun and shoots the man, a Romanian 42 years living in France, who, despite the intervention of emergency, died on the spot.

The other two men were arrested and placed in custody. The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN, police fonts) received

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