Monday, July 28, 2014

A831: Ségolène Royal “will not sign” – Ouest-France

A831: Ségolène Royal "will not sign" – Ouest-France

MP Hugh Fourage feared, it does : opposite the highway project 64 km between Rochefort and La Vendee via La Rochelle, the Minister of Ecology evokes a “Plan B” which suggests a new study. Newspaper South West , Segolene Royal said it is ready to consider what State could bring “within the next State- region “ for a deviation of Marans (Charente-Maritime).

The event held Friday night in Sainte-Gemme-la-Plaine, obviously did not weaken the resolve of the Minister called to sign the record of technical consultation “to finally tenders are launched because the government has given the green light in early December” (read Ouest-France of Saturday, July 26)

More than 250 people were mobilized to call general advice Vendée and Charente-Maritime : elected right and left but also business leaders.

President CGPME (General Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises), Eric Leys, do not hesitate to say that this blockage is “perceived by politicians and entrepreneurs as a vexatious measure extra “. He appealed to the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, saying “this project should not depend on personal political ambitions” .

The fact that Ségolène Royal is longstanding opposition is actually not trivial. But his determination is also driven by the fact that the Minister must give assurances to environmentalists at a time when their support is no longer guaranteed to the Assembly.

While on some issues the task s ‘rude announcement that the A831 is probably a good opportunity to show green paw.


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