Sunday, July 27, 2014

People in the pro-Palestinian protest in Paris forbidden … – Cross

People in the pro-Palestinian protest in Paris forbidden … – Cross

Afternoon high risk Saturday in Paris where the prefecture, recalling the serious violence in a previous rally, a pro-Palestinian demonstration banned the organizers intended to maintain costs.

Many of movements calling for the demo – New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA), Party of natives of the Republic, French Jewish Union for Peace – have sought emergency before the Council of State to lift the ban. But the highest administrative court in the land confirmed Saturday shortly before 13:30, the decision of the Administrative Court of Paris opposing the holding of the event.

Shortly after, in a press statement Place Beauveau, the Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, solemnly called “the last time” the organizers to abandon their initiative.

Prefecture Police estimated that the rally, scheduled at 15:00 instead of the Republic had the same risk of violence that banned demonstration on July 19 in the popular district of Barbès and the 13 authorized but had degenerated into overflows near synagogues, not far from the Bastille.

Seized in emergency procedure, the judge of the State Council held that the police headquarters was justified in its decision to invoke the violence of 13 and 19 July, the fact that the organizers had not met the deadline for three days to the declaration of the event and were unable to demonstrate their ability to implement a

Shortly after stewards sufficient., a policeman came notify the organizers that the event was indeed prohibited and asked the thirty people gathered Republic Square to disperse.

“The government wants to play the card of decay, it seeks to muzzle climb this movement of solidarity with Palestine” denounced an organizer Adnan Benyoussef. “They know very well that people will come spontaneously to 15:00.”

In the late morning, Alain Pojolat, NPA, expected the coming of “several thousand people”. “For us, any overflow will now blame the ban on police headquarters an event that was perfectly able to organize peacefully,” he has said.

– “Hatred of others” –

President Francois Hollande said on July 14 that “there was no question of” to import “France in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the diplomatic line of France has been criticized by some voices in the country as pro-Israel.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls in any case wanted to send a message of reconciliation to Muslims of France. It is thus made Friday night at the Evry-Courcouronnes, one of the country’s largest mosque to break the fast of Ramadan, ensuring that there was no “double standard” against them.

“When thugs claim a deviant form of Islam, it is the Muslims who suffer first because these acts feed unbearable amalgam” has he justified because “these radicalized groups are attacking your faith in the noble message of Islam, its openness, tolerance values. “

” The indignation expressed, it is legitimate! Events are organized, it is a fundamental right! But nothing will ever be able to justify violence, hatred of the other, “he started again.

According to police sources, the security forces have mobilized about 2,000 men and received “instructions firmness” to intervene “quickly and call” in case of non-compliance with the ban on demonstrations or “anti-Semitic slogans and demonstrations.” A Barbès, police conducted early post- noon to four arrests of people calling to participate in the unauthorized demonstration, according to a source close to the police.

For their part, NGOs Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have both expressed concern about the restrictions on the “freedom of assembly”.

The Israeli offensive in Gaza, which is in its 19th day, has already killed at least 985 Palestinians and 39 Israelis. A cease- 24:00 fire came into effect Saturday after intense efforts of international actors who found themselves in Paris on Saturday to try to get a lasting truce.


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