Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Call for pro-Gaza demonstrations prohibited: NPA member … – Liberation

Call for pro-Gaza demonstrations prohibited: NPA member … – Liberation

one of the organizers of the banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations which degenerated on 19 and 26 July in Paris, Alain Pojolat old left-wing activist, member of the NPA, is convened on October 22 to justice.

He received his calling after being questioned by police Tuesday morning.

It was called, together with other parties and organizations to show July 19 at Barbes despite the ban decided by the authorities. Thousands of people gathered in the northern district of Paris and the gathering degenerated into violent clashes with security forces.

Another pro-Palestinian demonstration Saturday Place de la République, again to call the NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party), was prohibited. Thousands of people had been there, causing limited with CRS and gendarmes smoothly.

The Pojolat Alain, Jean-Louis Chalanset lawyer, said he was prosecuted for these two events, prosecution it deemed “very surprising legally, much less politically.”

“It is alleged that Mr Pojolat to have, despite the ban , continued to call for protest, “said a source close to the investigation. “I called on October 22 to the 24th Chamber of the Paris Court” confirmed the interested AFP.

The Paris prosecutor recalled that to hold a banned rally was punishable by six months in jail and a fine of € 7,500.

Alain Pojolat will be considered a repeat offender in this regard, having recently been fined, suspended for organizing another unauthorized demonstration, the then calling for the release of Lebanese militant Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

Sentenced to life imprisonment for complicity in the murder of two diplomats, Abdullah is considered a political prisoner by pro-Palestinian activists, as a terrorist by his detractors.

– New event Saturday –

Aged 66 years, Alain Pojolat was active in the 1960s and 1970s in various leftist movements fighting that led him to cross the road future militant direct action Nathalie Ménigon, with whom he led to the era of industrial action at the BNP.

To the knowledge of his lawyer, he is the only organizer of recent pro-Palestinian rallies banned to Paris to be summoned before the criminal court.

No doubt because he had filed on behalf of all the organizers declaration prefecture of demonstrations banned after it said in a statement NPA, claiming “proudly” its participation in those meetings, asking “democratic forces” to “react against this intimidation” and calling for a new event on August 2 in Paris.

According to Youssef Boussoumah , the party of the natives of the Republic, “is a broader coalition that calls for protest on Saturday.” “We hope that the Communist Party will be with us this time. We will show the government that we are united, there is no good protesters and bad protesters, “said he said.

Unlike the events of 19 and 26 July gatherings, which called such unions including the CGT, were allowed to Paris since the beginning of the Israeli offensive in Gaza on July 8.

Dozens of people were arrested at the Used unauthorized demonstrations. To date, eight were sentenced to suspended prison sentence, the prosecution appealed for violence during the Barbès. Three men were sentenced Monday to two months in prison after they have marked the gathering Republic. Four other people were to appear Tuesday for the violence during the second Parisian banned rally.

In addition, four men were sentenced to three to six months in prison for their involvement in violence July 20 Sarcelles, in the northern suburbs of Paris, during a pro-Palestinian rally also prohibited.


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