Tuesday, July 29, 2014

“Ségolène Royal is taken to Eleanor of Aquitaine”, carried away a … – RTL.fr

"Ségolène Royal is taken to Eleanor of Aquitaine", carried away a … – RTL.fr


Ségolène Royal

Opposition Ségolène Royal project to build a highway 60 km between Fontenay-le-Compte (Vendée) and Rochefort (Charente-Maritime) causes the ire of elected opposition departments concerned.

“We are amazed (…) One lady asked Ségolène Royal to receive us and we learned through the press that we slam the door in his face. It’s most total disregard “indignant Bruno Retailleau, the UMP president of the General Council of Vendée.

Furious Ségolène Royal did not transmit the file of technical consultation to businesses, elected does not mince words… “She thinks she’s the reincarnation of Eleanor of Aquitaine Poitevin is not the private garden of Ségolène Royal We want to develop it and save us proposes a return to the Middle Ages with arbitrary decisions. We are not beggars and we will not let be. “

” Ségolène Royal is taken to Eleanor of Aquitaine “, carried away an elected UMP Vendée Credit: Dominique Tenza
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