Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fire. Firefighters battle five hours to release the A9 fire – Ouest-France

Fire. Firefighters battle five hours to release the A9 fire – Ouest-France

Nearly 300 firefighters Aude, Pyrenees-Orientales and Hérault had to fight all afternoon with significant air assets to back a violent fire garrigue, which caused the closure of the A9 highway for five hours.

gusts over 100 km / h

According to police and firefighters, the fire broke out on a hilly area near Peyriac-de-Mer (Aude) in mid-day, and has grown rapidly, driven by a strong wind from the northwest with gusts over 100 km / h.

At 20h, over 400 hectares of scrubland were destroyed, according to firefighters Aude, who took eight hours to “stabilize the situation” . “We hope the master before the night as the wind dropped to 70km / h» , said an official of operations.

A lot of smoke on the A9

early afternoon, the flames jumped over the A9 highway, which was closed in both directions for five hours of 2:20 p.m. over 19hh due to significant smoke prohibiting circulation.

To force rotations water bombers, rescuers succeeded in late afternoon to loosen the grip of the flames, which helped to reopen the highway traffic from 19h.

17 km caps

According to the operator Vinci Autoroutes, priority was given to the resorption plugs stranded motorists on the highway for hours, and the lifting of bans on access should gradually follow to 20h from Béziers to the north, from the south Leucate and Lézignan (A61) from Toulouse.

The peaked caps to 17 km in the north-south direction and 13 km in north-south direction in mid-afternoon, the operator holding motorists away from the disaster, to ensure their safety.

The secondary network also

prefecture of the Aude stated that the median of the highway was open to the north and south of the disaster site to allow motorists turn around. At Narbonne, according to the prefecture, the town opened the exhibition to allow them to cool off and park in the parking lot.

However, no escape was possible throughout the post- afternoon as the secondary network was also threatened by fire.

No home has however been threatened by fire, according to police and firefighters.

Forty trucks Six bombers

addition two hundred firefighters Aude and twenty men of civil security, relief mobilized throughout the afternoon forty firefighters stepped in Pyrenees -Orientales and much of the Hérault.

They came with forty trucks fight against the fire to fight fire in a difficult access area.

The number of Canadair water bombers mobilized increased gradually from four to six, which were added two aircraft Trackers and Dash spilling retardants.


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