Sunday, July 27, 2014

Molotov cocktails against the space of Judaism –

Molotov cocktails against the space of Judaism –

An individual was arrested Saturday when he had thrown three Molotov cocktails against Judaism space in the center of Toulouse. CRIF, through the voice of its president, Nicole Yardeni, denounced “an unacceptable attack.”

“An unacceptable attack on the nature of the French Republic.” Yesterday Nicole Yardeni, president of CRIF ( Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France) Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, strongly condemned the attack on Saturday, space Judaism.

It was around 17 pm when an individual has reached 15 to enter by a side street, in this place of Riquet Street, in the center of Toulouse. He forced the access gate and ended up on an esplanade in secluded and especially those of police officers guarding the edge of the property. He first threw a molotov cocktail on a first lock safety glass but incendiary device did not ignite. It has renewed the operation. Another failure.

Determined to commit damage in the space of Judaism, of any occupant at the time, the man is equipped with large stones he threw on windows .

The noise has attracted the attention of police who quickly approached. At this time, the individual has started their third molotov cocktail ignited. There was no victim. The person fled without being apprehended by the police. But his report was widely broadcast on.

Recognized, he was finally arrested later, Bayard Street, and taken to police headquarters to be placed in custody.

“We are in a wave of anti-Semitism, like a tsunami, which does not stop lamented yesterday, Nicole Yardeni. Pressures against us are constant and do not stop. We must stop poisoning minds. “


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