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In 2014, 100 years after his death, what remains of Jaurès? –

In 2014, 100 years after his death, what remains of Jaurès? –

POLICY – July 31, 1914, Jean Jaurès died under the bullets of a young nationalist. “20 Minutes” asked several people to answer the question: “What is left of him in 2014?” …

Posterity Jaures is visible in everyday life. Difficult to find a city without its street / avenue / boulevard named after the famous member of the Tarn and “Jean Jaurès” remains in the top 5 most names given to schools. But as the country celebrates the hundredth anniversary of the death of the great man, what remains really him in 2014, other than plaques on public buildings or gadgets?

20 Minutes has asked several personalities, here are their answers.

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, First Secretary of the Socialist Party


“From Jaurès? It remains ashes. They based their rightful place in the Pantheon, by vigils all grateful country. Flame Jaurès, it burns in every socialist and sometimes illuminates the political right in lack of ideas. “They killed Jaurès” cried on July 31, 1914. But Jaurès, man of letters and a man of struggle, is still alive. Moreover, it is to this that the great men we recognize: they survive themselves. Jaurès is the Republic until the end, that is to say social. Jaurès, it is this voice that still resonates to defend those who live with little. In 2014 and beyond. Jaurès, the reformist socialism in action, which does not take refuge behind diehards verbal postures but seeks to continually improve positions, step by step, by compromise. So Jaurès, what remains? The essentials. Thought Jaurès, the ongoing battle for justice and the war on the war. What has he more current? “


Pierre Laurent, national secretary of the Communist Party


“Think Jaurès today is primarily greet the man of peace, tireless fighter who paid with his life for his commitment against war. How not to be reflected in these words “I dare say that the great human peace is possible” at the time in the world so many conflicts ravage lives and territories? How not to think with emotion when the Gazan people is once again under fire and deadly bombs and around the world thousands of men and women mobilize for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians? Honour Jaurès is also wearing his top fighting for social justice and human progress never forget that nothing can be done without the people. Continue the fight Jaurès in 2014, is finally not let the torch of political battle for a more just society, combating denial is fighting tirelessly to bring forth the hope of a better world. All this should remember that in 2014, those who claim the legacy of Jean Jaurès. “


Valax Jacques, MP PS Tarn as Jaurès there 100 years


“Jaurès, he is a man of modernity. He had no taboo, was ahead of its time, but now, we tend to live in the past, it is a bit conservative. My problem, so it is rather “Jaurès would have done today?” For example the income tax – which was one of his biggest fights – we are timid compared to him. Or debate on the regions: he would have said that we must go further, it must be suppressed. I think that would Jaurès in 2014 a social liberal. It had a modern discourse about the company. While it’s famous, that’s fine, but it should certainly celebrate his philosophy, that of modernity, and bring new ideas. In the district, there is a very striking personality, and people keep for him a deep friendship. What differentiates today’s policies, it is the proximity to those he spoke, he had both the spirit in the stars and feet in the mud. “


Laurent Bouvet, Professor of Political Science, Director of the Observatory of the political life of the Fondation Jean-Jaurès


“The great legacy of Jean Jaurès, it is above all the unity of the socialist family . By uniting the diverse SFIO in 1905 groups, it has brought the French socialism and the Republic. And it lasts until today. For the rest, it is difficult to assess his legacy. He did not leave a theoretical and doctrinal work, and ideological level, rather Jules Guesdes won. Such a point of view of its legislative work: if he participated in the great debates of his time (on secularism, the income tax …), it has neither given its name to a law or participated in government on the contrary such a Clémenceau. His work is his life, his speeches, his fight for peace. “



right seized in 2007 the figure of Jaures. Nicolas Sarkozy has proclaimed there seven years “heir” of the person who was previously an icon on the other side of the political spectrum, saying that the current left “conservative, motionless and petrified ‘,’ n ‘ has much more to do “with that of Jaurès. At the initiative of the appearance of Jaurès in the discourse of the right is Henri Guaino, former special adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy now a member of Yvelines. Contacted several times by 20 Minutes , Henri Guaino ultimately did not respond to our requests.

* Enora Ollivier


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