Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An open campaign Sarkozy in 2007 survey – Le Parisien

An open campaign Sarkozy in 2007 survey – Le Parisien

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It will perhaps survey too. For the former president as his party. According to our information, the public prosecutor of Paris opened discreetly, in early July, a new preliminary investigation Nicolas Sarkozy and the UMP. This time, the judges are interested in the 2007 campaign of the former head of state.
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<- duration: 0.00019288063049316 sec -> Investigations designed a system of false invoices alleged that, as in the case of Bygmalion case would have fraudulently charged campaign expenses of candidates the accounts of his party. The case has just been initiated following the discovery police seized the Bygmalion folder. As for the event agency, it appeared that at least one company involved in the 2007 campaign would have charged various benefits to the UMP, as they were carried out on behalf of the candidate Sarkozy.

According to our information, a first search took place on 8 July, in the wake of the opening of the new investigation. These investigations, the national financial prosecutor had knowledge ultimately remained under the control of the Paris prosecutor, already in charge of the case Bygmalion. ​​

The legal troubles accumulate

While the file is still in its infancy, it comes at a key moment for the UMP as for his former leader. Indicted for “influence peddling, bribery and concealing a violation of the secrecy of the investigation” in the case known as wiretapping, Nicolas Sarkozy was also targeted, directly or indirectly, by several other sensitive investigations: funding assumed its 2007 campaign by the Libyan regime, the Bygmalion case, the so-called “polls Elysée” suspected of being overcharged and controlled close to the former president without competition, or the suspicions about the arbitration agreement Tapie.

So far, Nicolas Sarkozy has shown serene, sweeping all the suspicions which he is the object at a given July 2 interview. Better: the former head of state had hinted that he might be a candidate primary for the presidency of the UMP, scheduled for the fall. He also noted the absence of any charge against him finally in the records Bettencourt or Karachi, where his name was mentioned.

Whatever this time the outcome of these new legal troubles, no doubt they still weigh a bit more about his future political destiny.


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