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Who said “I feel the heir of Jaurès”? – Europe1

Who said "I feel the heir of Jaurès"? – Europe1

RIDDLES – PS From the UMP via the FN, all political dispute the legacy of Jean-Jaurès

Political tributes from all sides will not miss Thursday for the centenary of the death of Jean Jaurès. All political parties now dispute the legacy of the socialist leader, attracted by its image Republican hero.

summoned and invoked by all or substantially all of the UMP PS via the FN , the founder of Humanity would be enough to turn in his grave, according to Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “Jaurès, they no longer have that name at the mouth!” Mocked the leader of the Left Front in an article published Sunday in vitriolic JDD . “Shut up and let talk Jaurès”, carried away on Wednesday, a number of PCF Pierre Laurent in a long statement to the “free contemporary performers left or right or extreme right, looking to the enlist, if not to steal. “

But who said what about Jean Jaurès? offers guess …

>>> Who said “Jaurès would have voted Pact responsibility”

Answer: Manuel Valls. In this June 25, he inaugurated the exhibition “Contemporary Jaurès 1914-2014,” Manuel Valls been unfaithful to his model Georges Clemenceau. “If it had been a Socialist deputy, Jean-Jaurès would he voted Pact responsibility,” asked a reporter from France 2. “Without doubt, in the name of accountability. Would have been alongside those want to govern and who want the government left in the period, answered, smiling, Prime Minister.


response Jean-Luc Mélenchon still struggling to digest. “Manuel Valls wanted to enlist for his sordid gifts MEDEF. Jaurès would ‘probably’ voted pact responsibility, has he dared, “writes Jean-Luc Mélenchon Le Journal du Dimanche .” Make the dead speak to the living asleep. ! The Sting. “, He plague

>>> Who said” I feel the heir of Jaurès “

Answer: Nicolas Sarkozy . During his presidential campaign in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy repeatedly invokes Jean Jaurès to castigate the left. One remembers a meeting in Toulouse on April 12, 2007. An hour of speeches and 27 references the member Carmaux. “The left of today has little to do with the left Jaurès, he starts to stand (…) For Jaurès, the work was worth. The left today do not like the work. The proof is that it prevents those who want to work more to earn more able to do, “joked the candidate of the UMP. This is in the same speech that Nicolas Sarkozy will launch a famously and ruffled a lot left: “I feel the heir of Jaures. Hi, Mr. Holland, “said he insisted, mocking the first secretary of the PS, which had accused him of” property grabbing “.

>>> Who said” Jaurès National Front would have voted? “

A.. Louis Aliot” I think today Jean Jaurès would have voted FN as a series of left-wing patriots “, stated the vice-president of the FN Louis aliot on Europe 1, during the 2009 European elections. since the National Front regularly convenes the socialist tribune. Just elected mayor of Henin-Beaumont, Steeve Briois did move the bust of Jean Jaurès who sat in the lobby of the hall to his office. A symbol, even though the assassin of socialist deputy Carmaux is claimed nationalism.

>>> Who said “Jaurès was not a dreamer, there was optimism “

Answer:. François Hollande This April 23, the President went to Carmaux on land Jaurès, with the desire to reconnect with the French President’s visit turns. Calvary, François Hollande, for the first time, really bumpy. “Jaurès, he spoke not like you!” Gives him a resident. Later a little more, in a speech away from the crowds, François Hollande invokes the “optimism” of Jean Jaurès. As if to defend his early quinquennium and encourage the French to believe in his politics. “Jaurès was not a dream, it was an optimist. Were always laughs optimistic, we think they imagine reality in their own way. Optimism by Jaurès was courage. And courage, is to bear unflinchingly events “

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