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Ségolène Royal is the list of requirements – South West

Ségolène Royal is the list of requirements – South West


Royal égolène clearly buried the project A 831 motorway between Rochefort and Fontenay-le-Comte in the Vendée in our edition Saturday. Minister of Ecology and former PS president of Poitou-Charentes assumed to fully block the smooth running of the file saying: “I do not want to spend more money for a project that will never see the day. “

In a letter sent Monday to UMP president of the General Council of Charente-Maritime, Dominique Bussereau, its counterpart in Vendée, Bruno Retailleau and the President of the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire, Jacques Auxiette, Ségolène Royal was less categorical on the form, leaving his hostility to the project read between the lines.

So, the minister did not say frankly not the A 831. But it explains a number of prerequisites to the progress of the project, pre-requisites “absolutely necessary” are not met to date. It thus points “an impact that is more than 10 years” and demand, so that “impact studies on water law and protected species” are made to complete it.

Missing deliberations

In his eyes, Charente-Maritime and Vendée South were not informed as they should be. Since it provides that “an appropriate public information must be organized, including all residents and municipalities impacted.”

The Minister also asked the presidents of the three communities their “analysis” on “the consequences of crossing the Marais Poitevin, which has been awarded the Grand site de France and just get his label park Regional natural. ”

Ségolène Royal also states that “the financial closure (infrastructure) is not realized to the extent that, before any further step, the plaintiffs communities (Charente-Maritime, Vendee, Pays de la Loire) must deliberate to cover the 400 million euros needed, as indicated by the Secretary of State for Transport. “

Towards months of proceedings

It adds that” it would be wise to take into account the compensation payable to the concessionaire of the A10 and A83, given transfer of traffic has been spawned by commissioning the A 831. “And to conclude, even to acts of interference in the affairs of the General Council of Charente-Maritime, explaining that the department has many other needs infrastructure to meet before the A 831 …

The declaration of public utility of the 64 km long highway will lapse in 2015. And meet the requirements of the Minister would probably at- beyond this date …

the partisans of the highway, we still want to believe. As announced, a letter calling for arbitration Prime ministreManuel Valls, left Monday. It is signed presidents affected communities and four parliamentarians from both left and right.

Alain Babaud


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