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Sarkozy: the prosecution denies having opened an investigation into the … – Les Echos

Sarkozy: the prosecution denies having opened an investigation into the … – Les Echos

“Le Parisien” stated in its Tuesday edition that the Paris prosecutor opened an investigation Nicolas Sarkozy on suspicion of illegal financing of the 2007 presidential campaign.

Attorney Paris “opened discreetly, in early July, a new preliminary investigation Nicolas Sarkozy” on suspicion of illegal financing of the 2007 campaign, says “Le Parisien” in its Tuesday edition. According to the newspaper, “the investigations aimed at a system of false invoices alleged that, as in the case Bygmalion would have fraudulently charged campaign expenses of a candidate on account of his party.” As in the case Bygmalion, “a company involved in the 2007 campaign would be charged various benefits to the UMP, when they were carried out on behalf of the candidate Sarkozy,” the newspaper said.

“Le Parisien” specifies that the first search has already taken place on 8 July. “These investigations, the national financial prosecutor had knowledge ultimately remained under the control of the Paris prosecutor, already in charge of the case Bygmalion,” yet the paper says.

Favorite primary UMP

Already indicted for “influence peddling, bribery and concealing a violation of the secrecy of the investigation” in case ‘wiretapping, the former president is at the center of several legal issues that may hinder its eventual return to politics.

itemprop=”articleBody”> Although still favorite to primary UMP before Alain Juppé, Nicolas Sarkozy saw his popularity fall apart lately. According to an Ipsos-Le Point published in mid-July, he moved from 10th to 15th place in the ranking of political leaders, one third of French respondents carrying a favorable judgment against him on 62% an unfavorable judgment.

Political reactions multiply

Bruno Le Maire , UMP candidate and Eure to the presidency of the UMP: “I’m tired, tired of all these revelations about the past of the UMP. What interests me as a candidate for the presidency of the UMP is to turn the page on the past and rebuild something new to give pride activists UMP. “If Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential candidate of the UMP, you withdraw your application? “I can not take it that as a joke. I’m here to win, to bring hope. I will go no matter what happens at the end of my beliefs (…). “

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Louis Aliot MEP, vice-president of the FN: “Judges are putting clear accounting or accounting occult UMP or campaign Nicoals Sarkozy. At this stage of the investigation we can not say more. There is like all the French soap opera episodes that case (…). That’s a lot around Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidential campaign, with the Libyan business (…). It is clear that the opinion is no mistake because in the opinion polls, Nicolas Sarkozy is falling today. “

itemprop=”articleBody”> Chantal Jouanno , Senator IDUs Paris and former Minister of Ecology:” I really have no comment to make on this new inquest , which is actually a projection of the previous. I have no evidence, no way I pronounce, and policies should especially avoid talking about criminal investigations, because it has no element. “What a picture it gives of the policy? “It can affect politics. Some jeopardize the neutrality of the judiciary. ” Nicolas Sarkozy may return? “It’s his choice, of course he can come back. I’m IDU, not the UMP. “

itemprop=”articleBody”> Pierre Morel to the usher, UMP Lozère who with his colleagues complained in mid-June,” in the name activists, “for the truth of the matter Bygmalion and financing of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012:” It’s getting a lot, if this is the case. Enough is enough. At one point, there is a political commitment, it is a member of a political party, the UMP, we can not live in the suspicion that some colleagues, some statutory bodies of a party can do things that not correspond to the law (…). Citizens expect that the political class is particularly healthy. “

itemprop=”articleBody”> Pierre Laurent , national secretary of the PCF:” It is really a lot, and I think that justice must go after these cases. It is not possible that public life is polluted as a kind of sinister drama by these incessant business. There are people who think they can waive all laws, they have the power in electoral campaign do everything and anything. There are rules that must be respected and if they have not been, it is necessary that justice requires. “



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