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Olivier Faure (PS): “The dissolution of the JDL is the only way … – Liberation

Olivier Faure (PS): "The dissolution of the JDL is the only way … – Liberation

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div Libe Info By Willy Le Devin and Dominique Albertini

PS deputy Olivier Faure wrote Wednesday, July 30 letter to the Minister of the Interior, published by the Lab, in which he said he wanted to understand why ” the Jewish Defense League is authorized in France » . While, according to our information, the government wants to dissolve the JDL, the member for Seine-et-Marne reminded that violent groups do not have their place in the French Republic.

In your letter, you write have been detained by your constituents on the activities of the JDL …

people feel that there is a double standard. On the one hand, some pro-Palestinian demonstrations are banned because of violent elements taking part. The other, a group banned in other countries is allowed. We must find a balanced position on the issue.

Should dissolve the JDL?

I ask simple questions. We live in a state of law, and we have an organization which claims links with a banned organization in Israel, where it is considered racist, and the United States. I would like some clarification on its ramifications. If the French organization is linked to the banned Moreover, the solution is the only way.

The French JDL appears to act independently …

Even though it has no direct link with the banned organization in Israel and the United States, it is not more tolerable. Especially if it claims the same modes of action and sharing the same values ​​and the same references.

Some believe that such a group can concentrate activists and that the dissolution betray themselves …

This does not mean that acts of violence will disappear. The risk is always there. But the ban is a symbolic act. We must remember that in our republic, there is no room for militias or violent action groups. The diagram suggests that Christians defend the Christians, Jews defending Jews and Muslims defend the Palestinians stems from a community vision that has no place in our Republic. The Republic itself provides civil peace for all.



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