Monday, July 28, 2014

A village devastated by storms Gironde: a hectare hill … – TF1

A village devastated by storms Gironde: a hectare hill … – TF1

“Furniture … It all started in the stream. were no more business,” said a resident in our camera. “We had a small Vaison-la-Romaine” where floods impressive were produced in 1992, said the first deputy mayor. The small village of Paillet, Gironde , impacted Friday by a flash flood and highly localized resulting mudslides that devastated the school and dozens of homes, Sunday launched an appeal to financial donations to cope.

align=”justify”> a few minutes Friday to 16h, 150 mm of rain fell, the equivalent of one month’s rainfall, while the region was placed on alert orange face to d storms violent risks. The village, located 28 km south-east of Bordeaux, is found in places under two meters of water, the combined effect of a flash flood of a stream, the Artolie, and the water rushed down hillsides has he explained. “It happened very quickly.”
Red Cross in support

Of the 1,200 inhabitants, 30 n longer have any housing. One hundred homes were affected. Seven families had to be evacuated from their homes because of landslide risks. In addition, the school canteen, school, rural home were severely damaged by the mud. The road was also badly damaged. The municipality has set up a canteen to feed forty victims who have lost everything and can not cook, said Mayor Jerome Gauthier, adding that a team of the Red Cross was there since Saturday.
“We absolutely do not have the means to cope” with an operating budget and investment of one million euros, said the mayor contacted by telephone. Donations must be made by check payable to the Treasury sent to the city of Paillet, specifying the coordinates of the donor so that “traceability” is complete, said the first deputy. The mayor and his deputy have paid tribute to the solidarity of neighboring municipalities that many people came to lend a hand to clean the village of mud and debris, and assist victims. Two fire trucks are also intervened to Sunday 17h to facilitate cleaning with water hoses, also supported by gendarmes. A psychological unit was also set up by the hospital Cadillac, Gironde, which sent a team.


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