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TV: CSA refuses to free LCI, TF1 considering closing – Le Parisien

TV: CSA refuses to free LCI, TF1 considering closing – Le Parisien

<- Length: 0.034548997879028 sec -> Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is therefore not welcome its channels 26, 27 and 28 The Supreme Council of Audiovisual refused Tuesday the transition to TV. free digital terrestrial LCI (TF1), Paris Première (M6 Group) and Planète + (Canal + Group). To support its decision, the regulator French media highlighted the adverse consequences of the return of the three channels on the ecosystem of free TV. <- pubComplementsArt ->
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If the argument extends to three channels affected by the decision, it is especially for LCI. As suggested by the CSA, “the arrival of a third free news channel streaming exclusively financed by advertising could destabilize both existing news channels.”

pioneer of news channels, LCI, created 20 years there’s currently has only 13,000 viewers per average quarter hour. It is actually overwritten by its rivals that are free BFMTV leader with 200,000 viewers per average quarter hour and i-TV. After unsuccessfully sought the passage of LCI on free TV in 2011, the TF1 group has recurred in 2014. For the same result.

shareholders ‘World’ confirmed their interest in LCI

Lobbying Alain Weill, CEO of NextRadioTV, parent company of BFMTV has finally paid off. It had commissioned a study that there would be no room for three lines of info in France, failing hearing and sufficient publicity. In case of return of LCI, supported by TF1 on the market for free TV, all three become unprofitable, he assured.

CSA’s decision could have serious consequences for the 200 employees of the chain. If the CEO of TF1, Nonce Paolini said that “twenty years is not an age to die,” he had warned before the outcome of his appeal to the CSA that it may consider the end of the string if it continue to remain on the pay-TV bouquets.

After the decision of the CSA, the boss of TF1, Nonce Paolini said it was “likely” that LCI does not emit more after December 31, 2014. This however stressed now studying “all remedies” against the verdict of the CSA.

However, LCI is perhaps not yet wiped off the map. Interviewed after the verdict of CSA, the owners of the World, the triumvirate of Pierre Bergé, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse confirmed its interest for the news channel TF1. “Following the decision of the CSA that day, the shareholders of the World confirmed their interest in the resumption of LCI, complementary activities of the World and in line with the ongoing transformation of the group,” said Louis Dreyfus, in speaking on behalf of Pierre Bergé, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse, which also come to buy Le Nouvel Observateur.

VIDEO. LCI: “Anger and dismay” of employees

side chain Paris Première, property M6 Group, gives seems to be much more subdued. Indeed, the director of “little string that goes,” Bertrand de Tavernost said “consider closing the string if it is not viable.” A closure which logically intervene in case of refusal of the CSA to reconsider its decision.

actors free TV welcome the decision of the CSA

After the announcement of the decision of the CSA, the Association of Independent (ACI ), which includes many free TV channels welcomed the return on non-market Paris Premiere, especially Planet + LCI. The president of the association, François Morinière, said that with this decision, the CSA had recognized “the role of independent actors, which contribute greatly to the plurality of the media landscape,” adding that the media regulatory body ” guarantor diversification of operators, was therefore consistent with its policy for over ten years. “

Meanwhile, the most resolute opposition to the return of LCI on free TV, Alain Weill was satisfied “with the CSA’s decision not to allow the passage of three pay channels free, because it would profoundly destabilized the television market and that of the information channels in particular.”

NextRadioTV jumped in trading after the refusal of passage LCI on free TV
The title of the media group NextRadioTV Owner the BFM chain jumped Tuesday afternoon at the Paris Bourse, taking advantage of refusal issued by the CSA on the transition to DTT LCI.

4:32 p.m., taking the value 7.22% at 24 64 euros, while the CAC 40 gained 0.90%. Shortly before the announcement of the CSA, which took around 16 hours, the title evolved into balance.

The title of TF1, LCI has had more trouble and was stable at 11.21 euros .


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