Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Goasguen: “Sarkozy is public enemy number 1″ – Europe 1

Goasguen: "Sarkozy is public enemy number 1″ – Europe 1

INTERVIEW E1 – The UMP Paris believes that the government is not for nothing in business around Nicolas Sarkozy

. INFO. The Paris prosecutor Tuesday denied information Parisien reports “a new preliminary investigation Nicolas Sarkozy” on suspicion of illegal funding opened last July 2007 campaign. Claude Goasguen, UMP Europe 1 guest Wednesday morning, he was reliving the nightmare of Bygmalion?

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“Sarkozy is public enemy number 1″ ‘It gets tiresome to find information in the press that always show the same thing. Sarkozy is public enemy number 1 What is quite surprising is that information multiply, investigations and also in reality, we realize that all this is that the agitation against the possible return of Nicolas Sarkozy. You can not not ask questions. Who benefits from this situation “

” Black firms have always been at the Elysee? “ this question, Claude Goasguen advance itself an answer.” It is clear that the Socialist government is probably not entirely absent from this operation. Black firms have always been at the Elysee. It is a good practice but French secret that we know, and I wonder still if behind all this quasi-judicial and media agitation if there is not a desire to prevent someone who has been president of the Republic to return to active politics “

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” I believe that he really intends to return. “ Asked about the heavy ambience right and the possibility that some in his own camp, may be tempted to avoid the return of the former head of State, Claude Goasguen believes that “if some fun in this game the UMP, I think they will be sorely disappointed, because I do not think the personality of Nicolas Sarkozy is one to be moved by this kind of deterrence. “

Could it instead to continue his motivation?” To know a little, yes. I saw him there shortly. It is very combative, very strong and very determined not to let the French situation rot this way. I think he really intends to return. “


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