Sunday, July 27, 2014

Toulouse: Space Judaism attacked – Le Figaro

Toulouse: Space Judaism attacked – Le Figaro

A man was arrested late yesterday afternoon in Toulouse shortly after trying to attack with incendiary devices Space Judaism, the main meeting place for the Jewish community in the city, says the president of the regional CRIF.

Nicole Yardeni, president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in Midi-Pyrenees, this anti-Semitic attack, which took place an hour after a pro-Palestinian demonstration which brought together 500 people in the city center of Toulouse, reflects a climate where “it is to hurt the Jews, well beyond what is happening in Gaza.”

The man came near the gate by a path diverted, first threw two machines that did not work and stones on the sandbox Space Judaism, before throwing a third Molotov cocktail at police on duty outside the building and s ‘escape. This machine was ignited but did not reach the police.

Police sources confirmed that the man is “was arrested very quickly.” This man could be tried in immediate appearance in the next few days, according to the head of the CRIF.

Representatives of the Jewish community accounted complain Sunday against this attack on the building that includes both a library , meeting rooms, a radio and a large synagogue. The representative of the CRIF believes that demonstrations of solidarity with the people of Gaza from the Israeli military action is often an opportunity to express anti-Semitic hatred.

“Our life has become absurd, we endure daily insults and spitting is the permanent concern as he entered the head of a part of the population giving a poison mission hurt the Jews, and this is not due to Gaza, it goes well beyond, “said Nicole Yardeni. “We want permanent protection Space Judaism” said regional president of CRIF, regretting that the presence of a police car on duty is assured in the days and hours of pro-Palestinian demonstrations.


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