Thursday, April 7, 2016

A young 12-25 card Air France – Le Parisien

30% decrease in during peak periods, this is what will provide the youth card launched by Air France and its regional affiliate Hop! today. Digitalized and all blue, it allows young people aged 12 to 25, and a subscription of 49 EUR per year to fly at reduced rates throughout the home network.

So, for a Toulouse-Paris flight will cost 44 EUR instead of 69 EUR (lowest proposed rate), 35% discount. The reductions will be even greater if the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) valid fee schedule designed by the two companies. At that price, the young traveler can fly with a suitcase of 23 kg.

“Today, we transport 800,000 young people per year, said Lionel Guérin, head of Hop! With this card, we hope to attract 100,000 more. “Holders of this sesame can change their ticket cost of 10 € or cancel against € 20. “Young people are our customers of tomorrow, we must retain justifies Frédéric Gagey, CEO of Air France. Since they are very price sensitive and the Net, they are offered a young digital map for itself in a return. And it is hoped even extend to students up to 28 years. “

This offer is part of Air France’s strategy to win back its domestic market. “This is a very important market for us, says the head of Air France. Competing companies have abandoned it because it’s expensive. We, on the contrary, we want to strengthen. It is this market that allows us to then take our clients to New York or Tokyo. “Since 2011, Air France and its subsidiary, Hop! have embarked on a major restructuring marked on April 3 by the absorption of Brit Air, Airlinair and Regional Hop in! If in 2013, the subsidiary still showed a hole of 280 million, it is expected to rise this year to below € 50 million, for a return to the green in 2017. With the ambition to seek clients among its competitors as SNCF and BlaBlaCar on distances of over 300 km, where the road occupies 65% market share, the rail 25% and the national company only 7%.

dusting all-out

“for this, we must convince that the plane is not less convenient than the train and bring home the travelers who do not have the habit of the air, insists Frédéric Gagey. Our domestic network, it’s 50 airports, 100 aircraft, 600 flights per day and 130 lines. “Having already strengthened in recent months his famous shuttle, these daily flights that ensure every hour or half hour flights to major French cities, the company will continue dusting. New signage, a roundtrip more about Montpellier, easy to catch a flight before or after the one booked but especially a faster route between the parking and the departure lounge for business travelers.

” our customers need certainty, Lionel Guérin justified. It guarantees them a time of twenty minutes to reach the plane. These would include strengthening of security checkpoints (PIF) and the introduction of automatic checks tickets. “

VIDEO. Lionel Guérin, Hop boss! Air France announces tenders to 49 €


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