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Alexandre Juniac goes by estimating turning around Air France-KLM – The World

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Alexandre de Juniac at the opening of the  general meeting of Air France-KLM in Paris on 21  May 2015.

Alexandre Juniac chose to jump from the plane in flight . The CEO of Air France-KLM will leave the Franco-Dutch company this summer to take the general direction of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The Board of Directors of Air France-KLM had asked him to stay on until the summer, the time of the interim results of the group and find a successor.

Wednesday April 6, on RTL, the CEO of Air France-KLM explained his decision:

“When I was appointed, the Air Board France told me: “We must bring home to the balance and reduce debt.” that’s done . (…) [The company] Air France is out of the danger zone, but it is not back in the pack of the three or four best in the world. And that’s what it takes to Air France. “

Asked about the social dialogue within the airline, he said:

” There was a dialogue social Air France (…) We did the reform, which was painful and that was desired for the 100 000 employees on the basis of agreements with trade unions . (…) All unions, including the pilots’ union, have signed agreements to restructure this house. “

A former senior executive of Thales then chief of staff Christine Lagarde, Economy, Mr. Juniac happened in autumn 2011 at the controls of Air France, where he had succeeded, préciséément in October, Pierre-Henri Gourgeon. Two years later, in July 2013, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Air France-KLM to succeed Jean-Cyril Spinetta. His mandate was renewed, “hard fought” , they say, in May 2015. In government, no doubt smarting from the long strike by pilots in September 2014, some had already thought of the replace.

on examination, the departure of the CEO of Air France-KLM looks like a resignation, not a foreclosure. At Air France, it is suggested that Mr. Juniac arrived at the end of a cycle after successfully put right the company accounts. The head of Air France-KLM would be flattered to be the first French appointed director of IATA. Nevertheless, at 53 Alexandre de Juniac seems too young for a position hitherto reserved for late-career executives. A “marshal’s baton” as explained by a communicating, “good media platform for someone who has everything proved” . Not the Mr. Juniac profile.

In search of an “International captain of industry”

To his followers, many names are mentioned . Jean-François Dehecq, Chairman of Air France-KLM Appointments Committee, would have checked that of Bregier, Airbus CEO. For now, Airbus “does not comment” . Airbus reports that it is not the first time that the name of Fabrice Brégier circulates as “This is a boss” bankable “.” To chair the Franco-Dutch company, Mr. Brégier will make a big financial effort. In 2015, Alexandre de Juniac has hit “only” 700,000 euros. Besides the head of Airbus, the names of Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Fnac, Guillaume Pepy, Chairman of SNCF, or to Florence Parly, former Senior Executive of Air France, are also mentioned.

at the reappointment of Mr. Juniac at the head of Air France-KLM, there is less than a year, Mr. Pepy has already made the forcing to steal her chair. The possibility of appointing Florence Parly does not relish the company of pilot unions. “Florence Parly, it is the woman who killed the cargo of Air France. It can kill the rest of the company “, ironically a unionist. In detail, the profile sought by the Appointments Committee would be that of a “captain of industry who knows international negotiating partnerships with foreign companies” .

10,000 job cuts

the passage of Alexander Juniac at the head of Air France and Air France-KLM, was marked by a succession of departures plans and the longest drivers strike in the history of the company. Two weeks of conflict in September 2014. He will not let the image of a “social boss.” “It’s not the easiest partner we had” , peak Veronica Damon, general secretary of the National Union of Airline Pilots. She adds: “It happened by proposing to terminate our agreements. With him, the social dialogue was not always serene. “

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In 2012, he launched the Transform 2015 plan to straighten accounts of the company. A return to profit marked by more than 10,000 job cuts. Transform 2015 was not yet completed that Mr. Juniac launched Perform 2020. A new package of measures intended to restore the airline at its competitors. A second plan has not unanimous. In October 2015, clashes had disrupted the maintenance of a central committee of Air France company that was then a detailed “plan B” which provided nearly 3,000 job cuts, including layoffs. Since then, the climate has calmed but the Perform plan, which was to take effect in January, has not been negotiated yet

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