Sunday, April 3, 2016

French justice is breathless – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Just over two months after his appointment, the Minister of Justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas, paints a bleak observation of the French judicial system, for lack of means, is after him “stricken by absolute emergency”.

“justice is breathless. The Ministry can not afford to pay its bills, “said Justice Minister Jean-Jacques Urvoas in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche .

Thursday on France Inter he is also moved.

During the handover January 27 with Christiane Taubira, who resigned, Jean-Jacques Urvoas had already decided that his ministry was “constantly at the edge of embolism,” but he said he reviewed his judgment. “Since I pushed the door of the court, I am saying it is damaged in an absolute emergency condition as the doctors say,” insisted the minister.

For example, “the direction of the prison administration has € 36 million in unpaid bills for inmates hospitalized. ” Or, “the state has a debt of 170 million euros” costs of interpreters, DNA testing laboratories, experts, wiretapping … “All these private providers are paid minimum four months late, “says the minister.

“I even know a court where one no longer prints the judgments, because there is more money for the reams of paper,” he adds. “The risk that (Justice) is flu,” according to the Minister of Justice

ANALYSIS -. Under the pretext of economies, Urvoas makes Taubira

Coming up Vendôme, in late January, he promised to obtain “substantial resources” to the ministry by the end of the five-year period. He said “an awful lot of effort” had been made since 2012 “on the creation of posts,” including magistrates. But, he said, “Operating budgets have not kept.”

The draft constitutional reform will be conducted on the CSM

in an interview with JDD, the Minister also recalls its willingness to carry out the constitutional reform project on the superior Council of magistracy (CSM), to strengthen the independence of judges.

“This reform is to appoint prosecutors by MSC, ie to remove the policy that appointment authority,” he said.

“View dawn again today the temptations of political appointments of prosecutors makes me say that this reform of the CSM, matters as to their vows all magistrates, is absolutely necessary, “said the minister.


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