Students and students demonstrate against Bill El Khomri, 17 in March 2016 in Paris. – L. Cometti / 20 Minutes

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7:25 p.m.: 177 people arrested on the sidelines of the 98 rallies

in all, 177 people were arrested on the sidelines of the 98 rallies or demonstrations, 150 in Paris and 27 in the provinces. The turnout was lower than in previous days of mobilization organized by the only youth movements. 17 and 24 March the authorities had identified 69,000 and 43,000 demonstrators throughout France respectively

7:20 p.m.: 23,800 demonstrators throughout France

7:06 p.m. in Rennes, the NuitDebout meets fifty people

the prefecture of Britain banned the access to the historic center on Tuesday evening. About fifty people gathered esplanade De Gaulle where a “gathering is tolerated”; reports a colleague West France.

7:03 p.m. In Toulouse is also party to #NuitDebout up Capitol

6:59 p.m. in Lyon, prevents access policy participants in the #NuitDebout

According to the organizers, a cordon of police prevented access to the site was scheduled Mazagran where the

6:48 p.m. in Strasbourg the #NuitDebout compromised by weather

Only a few hundred of people gathered Tuesday evening Republic square in Strasbourg, in the pouring rain. “They expect sheeting for shelter. The discussions have not really started, “says our reporter on site.

The #NuitDebout 6:43 p.m. Paris is preparing under the sun and in a good mood

6:33 p.m. the #NuitDebout is across France tonight

the map of all citizens’ initiatives here:.

18h30 Strasbourg is also the #NuitDebout but the rain

18 in Paris, the protest has given way to #NuitDebout

Parisian mobilized Republic square celebrating the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland caught in the midst of Panama Papers.

17h: The event ends at Rennes

The event ended at around 16.45 Rennes. Compared to other rallies, we can say that it took place in relative calm. Clashes still occurred when protesters took to the rails and blocked rail traffic.

16h30: in Nantes, at least 1,600 demonstrators in the streets

the procession was much less provided than in previous events. . Police said at least 1,600 protesters marched against the labor law

Incidents erupted between youths and security forces: the demonstrators threw projectiles at police in the square Graslin. Later, some tried to enter the local headquarters of the Socialist Party by sawing metal gates with a grinder. The police intervened with great fanfare tear gas, AFP reported. Two demonstrators were arrested

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16h: The first Parisian demonstrators arrived Denfert-Rochereau

15.30: in Rennes, resumption of train traffic but clashes

rail traffic towards Paris was restored at 14:50 to Rennes station but the movement of trains to the rest of Britain left off, following the destruction of a catenary insulator. SNCF agents were on the track to evacuate the debris left by the demonstrators who attempted to make a barricade. Clashes with security forces were continuing after 15h just south of the station, at the women’s prison.

3:06 p.m.: 3200-3400 demonstrators in Paris

the police headquarters estimated the number of protesters in Paris between 3,200 and 3,400 people <. / p>

that’s less than the 24 and 17 March, when the parades were attended respectively 5,000 and 9,000 protesters.

2:40 p.m.: Parade peacefully in Paris

with cries of “pupils, students, unemployed and employees, it is all together that it must fight for it is together that we will win, “youth marched peacefully, after the first skirmishes in the late morning between youth and law enforcement between the seats and the Nation Bastille

14:30. in Rennes, protesters took to the railways

2:25 p.m. the procession raced under the sun and song instead of Bastille in Paris

2:22 p.m. Traffic train stopped for the third time in in three weeks in Rennes

Several hundreds of hostile demonstrators to the labor code reform stormed Tuesday the tracks near Rennes station, forcing the train to stop traffic for the third time in three weeks. To ensure security, the SNCF has cut off power at 13:40, told AFP Thierry Chaplais, in charge of media relations for SNCF Britain. Several trains are stuck in port.

According to the Prefecture of Brittany, the demonstration on Tuesday was attended by some 1,100 people, students and trade unionists in the streets of Rennes in the late morning.

2:17 p.m. The record of arrests is allourdit in Paris: 130 arrests “for identity verification”

130 people were arrested on Tuesday in Paris, “for identity verification”, alongside the procession of young people against the labor law, after throwing projectiles and clashes with security forces order, AFP has learned from the police headquarters.

the schoolboy procession 1:57 p.m. to join the demonstrators gathered Bastille square

1:55 p.m. at least 50 protesters arrested in Paris by the police prefecture

according to information from FranceTVInfo, about fifty demonstrators were arrested Tuesday on the sidelines of the protests in Paris against the project Labour law.

1:48 p.m. Four more days of mobilization announced by the national student Coordination

the national student coordination announced Tuesday morning four new days of mobilization against the bill El Khomri 9, 12, 14 and 20 April.

1:39 p.m. About 1,500 demonstrators in Marseilles police said

Some 1,500 protesters, police prefecture marched Tuesday in Marseille against the labor law, between the Canebière and the prefecture, the call of various unions banners of South Solidarity and CGT were in the procession where fewer students had answered the call of unions than in previous gatherings, because of school holidays in the area, said a journalist from AFP.

13h30: 34 high schools blocked throughout France, according to the Ministry

the Department of Education has identified the number of high schools blocked for this 5th day of mobilization: 34 Tuesday against 176 last week. A figure to report the number of schools across the country

1:10 p.m.. A video clashes in the procession

11:56: Incidents on the place of Bastille

incidents erupted Bastille square in Paris as protesters converge on the starting point of the demonstration. Several youths were arrested

11:50:. Tensions as protesters converge on the Place de la Bastille

on the place of the nation, rallying point during the previous days of mobilization, hundreds of youths gathered in the late morning before starting to converge Bastille , starting point of the event at 13:30. Shopkeepers pulled their shutters to the passage of hooded protesters armed with sticks and throwing missiles. CRS have used tear gas on several occasions, noted journalists from AFP.

11:40: in Rennes, the movement Night standing will gather Tuesday evening

Called to gather Tuesday evening on Parliament square for the first Night stand Rennes, the protesters will eventually go esplanade de Gaulle. On Monday, the prefect Patrick Strzoda said that the historic center of Rennes would be denied access to the demonstrators

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11:20: from trash fires in Levallois-Perret High school

the blockade in front of the Leonardo da Vinci school in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine) has escalated Tuesday morning with fires in garbage cans and crates that blocked the entrance to the property. High school students were then seized stones and various objects for stoning the facade of the school, according to the Paris . Firefighters and police dispersed the 200 to 300 young people who were on the scene and extinguished the fire.

Several other Parisian high schools were blocked Tuesday morning.

11:10: One hundred students gathered Place de la Nation

10h30: Myriam El Khomri” absolutely not wish to “use the 49-3

the Labour Minister said on LCI that she “wanted to use the 49-3″ to work bill because she thinks “have a majority” in Parliament, which begins Tuesday debates on the text. “We will continue to convince, but what I feel is that there are more and more deputies who are convinced by this text. The 49-3 exist, but I absolutely do not want to use it, “said the minister, adding,” I think we will have a majority “

10:15 Republic Square, the refuge of” Night standing “could be dismantled by police

10:10: the industrial area of ​​Rouen blocked by dockers

officials port and dock workers blocked access to the industrial area of ​​Rouen, Normandy news shows. They demand “the withdrawal of the El Khomri law,” said a port agent

9:30.: no Parisian high school closed or blocked

Few Parisian high schools were blocked Tuesday morning by students and none was closed by administrative decision. The SNPDEN, union leaders, said the principals had decided not to close schools “because we do not have this time of conjunction between a strike and a lock. We have staff to accommodate students, “confirmed the academic secretary of the union

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The students organizations have indicated their side have favored other forms of mobilization as blockages. In the provinces, some institutions have nevertheless seen their entrances blocked by garbage and barriers.

9:25: FO threat Myriam El Khomri of access to justice

the secretary general of Force Ouvrière, Jean-Claude Mailly, threatened the Minister of Labour to court to not respecting him as the conciliation procedure before the presentation of the work Bill, revealed in a letter Tuesday by Le Parisien . In this letter, the FO number one believes that “we not only have not been cooperative on the full bill we discovered after its transmission to the State Council, but we had no document orientation. “

the Minister of Labour, interviewed on LCI, denounced a” false debate since the State Council has clearly stated in the review of the draft law, I had respected all the procedures. ” “The law I wear is precisely to develop social dialogue. So no false accusations, I respect social dialogue, “she said.

8:42: the PS rapporteur working doubt Bill of votes of deputies PS

Christophe Sirugue, rapporteur PS labor bill, said Tuesday that ” in the current state, “Bill Labor would” maybe not “voted by a majority of Socialist deputies, but found that the exchanges with the government advancing” the right way “.

“There are issues on which we must all find formulas, we are in a dialogue, in any case I am in dialogue with the government,” he said on France 2. members will begin consideration in committee of the 800 amendments of the text, before a debate in the Chamber from May 3

“it is clear that if there is a blockage in a while I take my responsibilities, but for now this is not what I see, “he added. “This is, including, propose amendments that might not have the consent of the government, but I’m not in that frame of mind for the moment,” he said.

7:49: one hundred PS activists signed a letter calling for the withdrawal of the Bill

Some point to the beginnings of a division, other expression of a single democratic debate. Anyway, the open letter calling for the withdrawal of the Labour Bill, signed by 97 activists of the socialist federation of Herault, does not go unnoticed. The signatories, who do not want the first version of the text, nor the second, talking about a law that “threatens the life” even the PS.

Addressed to Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, the letter regrets a project that “draws the anger of youth and workers, whose exasperation was at its height.” “We do not accept that our government, we are combining under party activists, is organizing a policy once thought reserved for the right. If we do nothing, our party will be discredited for many years in the eyes of militants. “

7:36: Hundreds Republic Square in Paris for a fifth” Night standing “

for the fifth consecutive night, hundreds of people movement” night stand “held Monday Republic Square in Paris to denounce the jumble all- security, poor housing, or reform of labor law deemed too liberal.

Every night, dozens of protesters “sit” on the place before being evicted by police in the morning.

the group called on Twitter to join the protesters later in the day on Tuesday.

7:31: What are the best manifestation of slogans

lack of inspiration before joining? procession? 20 minutes selected some messages relayed in “The struggle is class! The best slogans for demonstrations, “which has just appeared in bookstores.

 Paris on January 27, 2013. Rally in favor of  the bill for the wedding for everyone.
Paris on 27 January 2013. Rally in favor of the bill for the wedding for everyone. – A. GELEBART / 20 MINUTES

7:17: The “Night Stand” are organized throughout France

Since last Thursday, following the previous day of action against the labor law, in Paris and in several cities in France, militants invest at night, large French places.

on Tuesday, the assemblages include planned in Rennes, Nantes, Lyon, Strasbourg and Toulouse.

The mobilization continues. For the fifth time since March 9, opponents of the labor bill will pound the pavement. Youth organizations, whose first student union UNEF, calling for a new rally day Tuesday throughout France, including a demonstration in Paris to protest against the law El Khomri, examined the same day in committee to national Assembly.

the national student coordination, which brings together representatives of the striking universities, will meet Sorbonne place 10:00 to clarify the mechanisms of action to come. A trial run before the big National Day of Action, with the support of several protesters unions (CGT, Solidaires, FSU), who want to do as well as March 31 (between 390,000 and 1.2 million demonstrators) .