Monday, April 11, 2016

Maud Fontenoy, Vice President of PACA Republicans, joined … “Current Values” – LeLab Europe1

Maud Fontenoy is a busy woman. General Delegate Republicans for the Environment , sometimes it makes service to the industrial tobacco Philip Morris by hosting a seminar. It also has, at times, in elections. Since last December, it is LR Vice President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region . But the sailor has a hat of many.

According to the specialized site Press News (item fee) on Monday April 11 Maud Fontenoy joined the magazine Current Values ​​ as the editor of the section on Environment and Health. A confirmed information at Lab with an internal source of the newspaper.

Already in the regional council, elected officials are questioning this combination of functions. Philippe Vardon, former regional councilor FN identity today, wondered publicly if Maud Fontenoy will resign.


As noted by the journalist Ellen Salvi, Maud Fontenoy is not the first member the Republicans Current Values ​​ tries to draw in his writing.


the weekly had already tried to recruit Lydia Guirous provided that it is leaving LR spokesman functions. "I immediately refused. It is out of question to leave Sarkozy and the Spokesperson's Office," she had told the Lab. A few weeks later, she was landed ...


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