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Solère listened to by the DGSE Guéant against attack, Justice opens investigation – The Point

Claude Gueant, implicated in the case Listens MP Thierry Solère (LR) by the DGSE on which justice will investigate, has cons-attacked Wednesday denouncing a maneuver to Nicolas Sarkozy.

the primary right (20-27 November)? “It is, it is quite clear,” Claude Gueant tried Wednesday to micro Europe 1. “Through me, we reached Nicolas Sarkozy”, while “I never asked any wiretapping any politician whatsoever, “defended the former interior minister, whose name is cited in several court cases.

on Wednesday, the Paris prosecutor announced the opening of a preliminary investigation “of the leaders of fraudulent collection of personal data and privacy invasion of privacy and concealment of this crime.”

According to the newspaper Le Monde, the DGSE in 2012 would have watched Thierry Solère. Then unknown to the public, it eventually won the legislative election in the riding of Hauts-de-Seine that was running Gueant, then reinstated the UMP (now Republicans) where it now occupies the strategic function chief organizer of the primary.

Today accustomed trays continuous news channels, Thierry Solère is a support Bruno Le Maire for 2017. Wednesday, he said he would file ” probably a complaint against X “.

If it has accused person namely, he did not fail to note, in several media,” the date (it was) supposed to have been tapped by the DGSE in March 2012 “, and that while Mohammed Merah was about to commit attacks in the Toulouse region. Nicolas Sarkozy was at the Elysee Claude Gueant and Place Beauvau.

On the move in India, Mr Sarkozy said it was “foolish” accusations hanging over Claude Gueant. “This is insane!” Said he responded to reporters. “? If an interior minister had wanted to do something so stupid, why use the services of the DGSE under the Ministry of Defense,” he launched

. – “barbouzerie does not mean democracy” –

This case did not fail to react to the right, where a dozen candidates are on the starting line of the primary in November. “Barbouzerie, it does not rhyme well with democracy,” and noted Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. Deal “absolutely amazing” and “absolutely intolerable” if it was confirmed, denounced his part the president of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde.

Mr. Gueant, secretary general of the Elysee then interior minister under the five year term of Mr. Sarkozy, asked Tuesday to Defense Ministry opened an investigation. For if such a practice were proved, “this is serious” and must “identify those responsible and punish them.”

“Are there any wild listening? I’m just saying that should not be any. it’s technically feasible but of course it should not be any. There is a formal procedure, it must be respected “, also said the former director general of the national Police, who said “implicated totally unfair, without any basis.”

The name of Mr. Guéant appears in several other criminal records. He was recently indicted for “favoritism complicity” in the case of the Elysée polls. He was also sentenced –and made appel– in 2015 to two years in prison and suris five year ban from public office after the trial on cash bonuses from the Ministry of Interior, while leading the cabinet of Mr. Sarkozy (2002-2004).

the former minister is also under investigation for tax fraud and false laundering in the case of the Libyan finance suspicion the campaign of the former president in 2007. the reason:. the alleged sale of two Flemish paintings to explain a transfer of 500,000 euros on his behalf

already, eleven candidates have declared for the primary, including former prime ministers Alain Juppe and Francois Fillon. Mr. Sarkozy is the only tenor that has not yet formalized his candidacy. He could do it in the summer

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