Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vaulx-en-Velin: Valls announced 20 measures to fight against discrimination, 4 policemen injured – TF1

“France is weakened when it accepts discrimination when she succumbs to self-segregation,” said the Prime Minister in the third interministerial committee equality and citizenship (ICCS), deeming it necessary to “reverse the table” for “that we get out of this collective hypocrisy.”

Prime Minister has called for national school of architecture, to “open group actions in the fight against discrimination” and “give everyone simple and effective remedies for injustices are repaired. ”

“This is a beautiful symbol of holding this meeting here in Vaulx-en-Velin,” he said, while the Rhone city was one of the cradles of politics the city in the 1990s “I can not leave that the city policy did not help,” he said, while acknowledging that “dwell in these districts is often be condemned before they have a chance, be regarded with suspicion by potential employers. ”

“Funding required for the renovation of schools”

He also promised measures for schools, assuring: “We will find the necessary funding for the renovation of schools so that every child is welcomed with dignity.” The realization should be done quickly: “We will treat the most urgent situations for this autumn,” he said.

Not to mention renovation, which would imply heavy work, “but rather an upgrade plan built” for degraded institutions, says an adviser. “Many buildings have age ZUP, we say to elected officials: it can help you financially.”

The Prime Minister also announced the creation of a “French Language Agency for Social Cohesion” which should be released by the end of the year with the objective of offering a training to all those poor command of the language within 5 years.

Among the other measures announced by Matignon include in particular reform of the cultural 1%, the establishment of an action plan within 75 public service schools to diversify their recruitment profiles from the fall 2016, or the opening of 10,000 apprenticeship contracts in the State civil service.

4 police injured, 3 people arrested

in the events during this visit, four policemen were injured. “The pickaxe handles armed extremists attacked representatives of the forces of order service,” said in a statement, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve which “strongly condemns (the) violence” and “address full support “to the injured policemen. Two of them were hospitalized but their injuries are not serious, said for his part the prefecture of the Rhone. For Mr. Cazeneuve, the three people arrested “must answer for their acts before justice.” “These attacks, which are actually the violent minority, are neither justifiable nor acceptable,” he says, and “those responsible will be systematically sought and prosecuted.”

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