Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Caen: 1000 people at the convention center for the meeting of … – FranceTV info

Caen: 1000 people at the convention center for the meeting of … – FranceTV info


The organizers of campaign rallies of former president had chosen a room average capacity for this stage to Caen. 1000 people came, the main room was not enough.

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© Charly Triballeau, AFP Nicolas Sarkozy in Caen meeting Monday, November 10, 2014

The former president of the Republic is campaigning for the presidential race of the UMP.
elections will be held on 29 November and 6 December. Nicolas Sarkozy, Herve Mariton and Bruno Lemaire are declared candidates.

Nicolas Sarkozy was therefore to Caen Monday, November 10, to answer questions from the militants. It happened around 19 pm in a crowded Palais des Congress. The main room was packed. About 200 people had to be content with a second room where screens were installed.
Once past the speeches of local leaders of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy spoke for half an hour. Before an audience to his cause, he declined his speech on the theme of “New Republic”, mingling various social issues.
He then delivered the game of questions and answers with the audience.

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Meeting of Nicolas Sarkozy in Caen November 10, 2014

Case-Fillon Jouyet “a torrent of mud”

For this meeting, many national media had made the trip. They were waiting for a response from the former president of the Fillon-Jouyet case. Nicolas Sarkozy has broken his silence to denounce “a torrent of mud.” He accused the Socialist government of “lies” and “give the feeling of wanting to exploit permanently justice.”
I polémiquerai with any member of my family policy (…) I yield to any provocation (…) I chose to ignore this tide of mud , “said the former president, Mr. Fillon likely rival for the presidency in 2017.” We can not shoot an opponent by messy. This is the opposite , “he has said.

Another UMP candidate in Caen Friday, November 14

Hervé Mariton, another candidate the presidency of the UMP, will Caen Friday, November 14, 2014. The member of the Drome meet activists Calvados to 19 h 30, the local party Street Varignon Caen.


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