Monday, November 24, 2014

Paris: the as harmful as tobacco smoke pollution – Le Parisien

Paris: the as harmful as tobacco smoke pollution – Le Parisien

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A novel study on the fine particles in the air of Paris, in partnership with the City of Paris, Airparif and CNRS, was made public on Monday morning. The measurements carried out for 18 months with a new measuring device embedded in the Generali ball pegged to Andre Citroen Park (XV) are the least alarming, especially those made during the December 2013 high pollution and March 2014.
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During these episodes, Parisians breathed between 5 to 15 times more ultrafine particles or nanoparticles (less than 1 micron) which are particularly carbon. While Parisians breathe averaged 200,000 ultrafine particles per liter of air during a day of low pollution, they have inhaled over 3 million during these episodes. These come in particular from road traffic and wood burning.

The record was set on December 13 with a peak of 6 million ultrafine particles per liter of air measured at 18 hours. That day, all Parisians were then subjected to a form of “passive smoking”. A laboratory study showed that the number of particles produced at this time is the clear eight cigarettes smoke in a room of 20 m 2 .

Air pollution, particularly one related to particles, “has proven effects on health and contributes to the development of chronic diseases (myocardial infarction, respiratory, cardiovascular, cancer),” the study notes.

The City of Paris confirmed Monday morning wanting to put up “a comprehensive plan to fight sustainably against air pollution.” Measures will be announced “in the coming weeks” after the launch of a major consultation with residents of Greater Paris.

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