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More than a thousand people have started to compete with the police during a unauthorized march against “police and judicial abuse,” November 22, 2014 in Nantes. – Georges Gobet / AFP

MG with AFP

More than a thousand people began to compete this Saturday in Nantes, the forces of order during an unauthorized march against “police and legal violence”, four weeks after the death of the environmental Rémi Fraisse, killed Oct. 26 in the Tarn by an offensive grenade.

About two hours after the start of the rally, some 1,200 protesters, according to the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique, were blocked by police outside the prefecture, to which they were throwing projectiles, while the latter were using water cannons and tear gas. These incidents, however, were not commensurate with those that occurred on November 1 at a similar event.

Brandishing placards on which read in part “Disarm the police,” the protesters meet a call to “take back the streets”, launched by committees opposed to Nantes airport project Notre-Dame-des-Landes and anti-repression collectives, before the death of Rémi Fraisse on the dam project site challenged Sivens. On the banners reads: “Tout.e.s. Terroriste.s? “Or” October 26 death of Rémi Fraisse. Neither forgetfulness nor respite! “.

Very large police

The organizers intend to” denounce the repression “following an opposition demonstration at the airport, the largest against the project on February 22 in Nantes, during which three protesters have lost the use of an eye. They asked the participants to this mobilization to file letters “self-reporting” to the prosecutor of the Republic in “solidarity with those convicted” in the prison.

A very large police is deployed, three weeks after the previous event which resulted in several casualties on the side of the police as the protesters, and a score of arrests.

The socialist mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland , on Friday asked the prefect “to take all necessary measures to prevent any overflow and degradation.” Elected Nantes environmentalists have not called for demonstrations, saying that “the conditions for a peaceful conduct did not seem satisfied.”

“Making our anger”

Anti militants -airport called to dress in white to “make visible (their) choice of non-violence.” “We, it is believed that non-violence is not a helpless tool, funk or treachery, but a tool for the fight,” said Genevieve Coiffard activist Attac.

“We can demonstrate against police repression without it degenerating. We are here to show our anger on the streets, singing, shouting, “also explained Alex, 18, masked, helmeted and gloved hands to avoid being filmed” by the police or journalists. “

About 20 other rallies were planned Saturday in France as part of a “national day of action against police violence.”