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What we know after the death of a child operated on for appendicitis – The Obs

What we know after the death of a child operated on for appendicitis – The Obs

A common procedure that turns to tragedy: Justice investigation into the suspicious circumstances of the death of a child 11 years, following a process of appendicitis in a clinic in Metz.

What happened when Corentin came to the hospital?

Corentin was admitted October 31 pediatric emergencies Mercy for stomach pains after notice his doctor suspects appendicitis. “After analysis of an abdominal CT scan, the doctor believes that Mercy Corentin has appendicitis but it is not ‘flaming’ and that treatment is enough for now,” said the “Republican Lorrain” that broke the story. “The mother and her son are facing their doctor, but as he did not consult, they are directed to the pediatric emergency Claude Bernard to obtain a single medication.”

Finally, doctors choose to keep the child and operate. He joined the bloc on 1 November in the morning. But complications occur and the intervention lasted several hours in the afternoon.

The child was transferred to a hospital in the evening at Nancy, where his death occurred the next day, according to the account of the family lawyer.

According to the “Republican Lorrain” “the surgeon would partially severed the aorta of the child at the beginning of the intervention and this error could never be recovered despite the backing of a specialist vascular surgery came Mercy Hospital, and the final transfer of the patient to little Nancy-Brabois. “

A spokesman for the prosecutor confirmed this, and added that the liver was also affected.

What’s next?

“Parents have filed a complaint against X for manslaughter,” said their lawyer Marc Baerthelé AFP. “Nobody has been targeted by name in the complaint, the investigation will show whether there is criminal responsibility,” he said. The floor of Metz had said Friday it had opened a criminal investigation against X after his death. Joined again Saturday by AFP, he gave no further details on the progress of the investigation.

The mother of the child, very moved, agreed Saturday night to receive some journalists to testify. “For me, it’s very hard not to see my son in this apartment,” said Fatiha Chami, sitting opposite a picture of Corentin. “I want the truth to be told, I want the whole world to know what happened that day, I do not want to keep my pain to myself,” she has said.

Without virulence, trying to contain her tears, she said the surgeon had reassured before the operation: “He told me I am a surgeon, he told me that it is an operation banal, I entrust my son I gave all my trust him. “

The clinic director, Cyril Dufourq, promised Saturday in a statement that the property would be” full transparency on facts. “

The supervisory authority, the Regional Health Agency of Lorraine, said he had ordered an administrative medical investigation, the results will be communicated to justice.


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