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Society. Vestiges of anti-Semitism in France – Progress

Society. Vestiges of anti-Semitism in France – Progress

         A Jew is a French French like the other 84% of the French population. RL Photo / Julio Pelaez

A French Jew is a French like the other 84% of the French population. RL Photo / Julio Pelaez

What is anti-Semitism in France? Can we speak of a revival when the number of anti-Semitic attacks has doubled between 2013 and 2014? What role does the FN? Any responsibility for the Muslim population? To address these sensitive issues, the Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol) launched an innovative work based on two opinion surveys conducted by the FIFG.

One of a sample of 1005 people representative of the French people aged 16 and older and the other on a group of 575 people claiming to be born in a Muslim family.

The results are significant. The anti-Semitic prejudice in the minds cling. 35% of respondents would use today the Jews in their own interest their status as victims of Nazi genocide during World War II. Jews have too much power in the field of economics (25%), media (22%), politics (19%) … It is therefore not “surprising” to note that 21% of the French have difficult to elect a president of the Jewish Republic (they were 50% in 1966, Ed) and 6% had a Jewish neighbor. Furthermore, 84% (only) consider that French is a French Jew like any other. “Anti-Semitism is not a fantasy. There is no residual “says Dominique Reynié, the Director General of Fondapol. Finally, 59% consider that there are no more problems of anti-Semitism that problems of racism. “We need to put this opinion with facts and actions. Half of all racist assaults involve Jews. Yet this community represents 1.4% of the total population, “said Dominique Reynié.

National Front, Left Front

The set of two studies done mostly show a society where anti-Semitic views reach a high intensity in two relatively small universe, the National Front and the Left Front.

“The National Front was not standardized. Our work shows that the party mobilizes voters who have a level of rejection of foreign and Jew can not be found anywhere else, “says Dominique Reynié. For example, near the National Front are 68% to agree that we should fight against anti-Semitism and racism to prevent the tragedy of the Holocaust from happening again when the entire population 85% support

Another example. 38% of the relatives of the FN state that there are too many Jews in France instead of 16% for the entire population

. Both studies also point out that Fondapol antisemitic prejudices are more common than average in how close the Left Front. When it comes to whether Jews are “too many in France,” those who answer yes are more in the near Mélenchon (24%) than in the right-wing parties outside the National Front.

Observant Muslims

Finally, the work highlights Fondapol a higher anti-Semitic opinion among Muslims level when compared to the entire French population. For Muslims interviewed, Jews have too much power in the economy (67%), media (61%) and politics (51%). “The level of anti-Semitic opinion is based on the degree of practice and involvement in religion. The more the person is practicing, the more marked, “said Dominique Reynié.

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