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Rémi Fraisse death: “This is really serious … Do not they … – Le Parisien

Rémi Fraisse death: "This is really serious … Do not they … – Le Parisien

<- Hard & eacute; e: 0.045506954193115 sec -> “He died, the guy! There is really serious … Do not they know it! “In the heat of the moment, the police who intervened on the site of the future dam Sivens in the Tarn, on the night of October 25 to 26 have had words that may give a boost to judicial and internal investigations. The young Rémi Fraisse, 21, had collapsed in the dark and in the middle of the mess, the victim of a grenade attack that had slipped, according to forensic evidence, between his back and his backpack .
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According to Le Monde published Thursday on Wednesday, the police quickly knew that a tragedy had occurred during clashes with protesters. Minutes dated October 29, transcribing the comments recorded by the camera of one of them who was filming clashes military establishes a precise chronology. Between 1:40 ET 1:50, military equipped with night vision goggles to see a protester collapse just after the jet of an offensive grenade. At 1 h 53, a military order: “Stop for F4! It is there the guy. OK, for the moment, it is allowed. “The F4 mean instant tear gas (GLI), whose use has been suspended from the Ministry of the Interior.

“Amid shouts, another policeman tries to reassure !” It’s good, it will raise It will be noted, this is good! “ “wrote Le Monde.

Seven minutes later, at 2:00, it was decided to seek the form that collapsed. Three more minutes and the nurse squadron finds the death of Rémi Fraisse after unsuccessfully attempting acts of rescue. “He died, the guy! There is really serious … Do not they know it! “Blown have one of them, according to the PV. According to the communication service of the police, contacted Tuesday by The World, “it was necessary to prevent those who assaulted the police will intensify their ardor on the death of Rémi Fraisse.”

The timing is not far from what the police said to have met that night. “The facts speak for themselves 40 to 1 pm, the prosecutor is notified at 2:00 and our local police authority barely half an hour later”, said on November 8 Denis Favier, director general of the national police in . the columns of Parisien – Aujourd’hui en France

Information World seem to confirm one thing: mobile gendarmes Sivens immediately made the connection between the death of grenades and Rémi Fraisse. What the government and the police hierarchy have more than 48 hours to accept.

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