Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Disabled motorists. Soon they will not have to pay for … – Ouest-France

Disabled motorists. Soon they will not have to pay for … – Ouest-France

This text already voted in the Senate at the initiative of the Socialist Didier Guillaume there almost a year, to be again passed by the Senate for final adoption as the Assembly made some editorial changes.

This free for the disabled “already exists in 245 towns” , said the rapporteur of the text Annie Le Houerou (PS).

“Free is not a goal but a tool to facilitate accessibility. The bill will prevent a territorial disparity “, is congratulated himself.

The bill establishes a principle of free and non-limitation in time for all seats, reserved or not, but by framing it.

Pay if terminal is accessible by car

The competent authorities have the opportunity to apply in parking lots with input terminals and output accessible by people with disabilities, or the common law tariff or a specific tariff. For managed car parks in the public service delegation, the new rule will apply only from the renewal of contracts.

“From the moment the terminal is accessible from the vehicle, free education did not appear necessary “, said the rapporteur. “In the private car parks, if the terminal is accessible, it will keep paying” , lamented the UMP Damien Abad.

The fight against fake cards “disabled”

To avoid the problem of cars “buffer” it will be possible to set a maximum parking duration, but at least 12 hours.

With the growing falsification cards Parking for disabled people (one in three would be fraudulent by some estimates), the Secretary of State for the Disabled Ségolène Neuville responded that “the national printing works for a year with the Ministry of Social Affairs to secure these cards “. ” This modernization project should be completed soon and reduce opportunities for fraud ‘, she found.


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