Sunday, November 16, 2014

Marriage for All: Sarkozy to finally say “l … – TF1

Marriage for All: Sarkozy to finally say "l … – TF1

The three candidates for the presidency of the UMP were invited to a big O curious Saturday afternoon in Paris by the close of the UMP movement, No common. 2000 Faced with opposition to marriage for all who wanted to hear about the repeal of the law Taubira, Bruno Le Maire , Herve Mariton and Nicolas Sarkozy have developed very different positions. This day was then held that the electorate is changing right on the issue of gay marriage.

According to an Ifop poll published Saturday on the site Atlantico, more than two thirds of French (68%) are in favor of gay marriage and a majority (53%) are for adoption of children by same-sex couples, the approval of these new rights progressing very clearly in UMP. They are now in the majority (58% against 33% in January 2013) to say in favor of gay marriage. And if they are still a minority (38%) to support adoption by same-sex couples, the increase is also significant: they were 18% in December 2012 and early January 2013. 22%

– Bruno Mayor wished to defend his clear position in favor of gay marriage. Despite copious whistles in the room, the member of the Eure said that “the Republican right would never return to the Taubira law.” And call opponents of the marriage for all to beware of those who promise too much.

Herve Mariton had a very warm welcome from the meeting room by the Common Sense movement. Only three candidates want to repeal since leaving the Taubira law, the member for the Drôme defended his position against gay marriage and for family values.

Nicolas Sarkozy , the third candidate for the presidency of the UMP, has finally delivered for the “repeal” of Taubira marriage law for all after being heckled for referring to a simple “rewriting” of the law. This is the first time that the former president uses the term “abrogation” as far, he advocated a “rewriting” of the text on the opening of marriage and adoption to homosexual couples.


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