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UMP: Sarkozy elected, the hard part for him to do – The Obs

UMP: Sarkozy elected, the hard part for him to do – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – After his election to the presidency of the UMP, the hard work is needed to Nicolas Sarkozy: rebuild the UMP, battered financially, “together”, and prepare an “open primary” for 2017 which risk of fire in the war chiefs.

After his victory, with nearly two-thirds of the votes (64.5%), a score slightly lower than expected, the boss of the main party of Opposition by number of members and elected officials, will speak Sunday evening at JT TF1.

On Monday he will meet with “top leaders” of the party with as stated goal to bring together ” terms of the broader rally. “

Bruno Le Maire particular, one of the two presidential candidates of the party, become indispensable after more than respectable score (29.18%) will be him received by Mr. Sarkozy on Monday 09:00.

How to turn the UMP, debt and image crumpled by the Cope-Fillon War 2012? It is to this task that will now tackle the former head of state, against socialists in trouble but up until at least 2017, a center for wayward part in his personality, and especially a Front National booming, which has just re-elected its president Marine Le Pen

First mission for Mr. Sarkozy. “show signs of gathering (…) The UMP has a leader, it is undeniable and at the same time, there are many voices in the UMP that absolutely must speak, “summed Sunday Eric Woerth on iTV.

Nicolas Sarkozy, who has not proposed to new ideas since his comeback in September, will have to redefine the party’s ideology, between its liberal and conservative wings of a hand-centrist gaullo other. But where to place the cursor? If it moves too far to the center, what about the most right-wing fringe activists radicalized since 2012?

“I have the feeling that the right will take a new look that will bring it closer to the extreme right, “he firmly told the Secretary of State PS, Thierry Mandon Sunday on Radio J

Mr Mandon.” UMP activists have hesitated – and understandably – to choose someone a (…) which will have to spend more time with his judges with them. “

Mr. Sarkozy will indeed have to get down to restore the finances of the party, which has a deficit of more than 74 million euros (43 however corresponds to the purchase of the seat), after Bygmalion case assumed false system bills at the expense of the UMP to finance his own presidential campaign.

Bygmalion is one of the cases in which the name of Nicolas Sarkozy is quoted. Indicted for corruption, those cases, if they have not prevented his return to politics could thwart his ambitions

-. ‘A center with us, morning, noon and night’ –

Mr. Sarkozy will also organize the “open primary” in 2016 he promised to his future competitors, Alain Juppe in mind. Himself a candidate for this primary, he will abandon the presidency of the UMP “not later than fifteen days before the date fixed for the filing of nomination papers,” says Article 35 of the statutes of the party.

Yet will it be that he and the others (besides Juppe Francois Fillon, Xavier Bertrand, can be Bruno Le Maire), agree on the definition of “center”.

Nicolas Sarkozy has already given his answer: “a center that would be with us morning, noon and night.” “It’s a little easier to get elected mayor of his city by collecting on its name some of the exasperated electorate right and evening to elect Francois Hollande. This is an alliance which we do not want!” He -t he stressed during his meetings.

So exit François Bayrou, the president of the modem, which chose to give his vote to Hollande in 2012. The IDU, another centrist party, say in 2016 if she participated in the UMP primary, according to its president, Jean-Christophe Lagarde.

But Juppe, one tenor UMP have supported the mayor of Pau in the municipal last spring, and Sarkozy was allowed to make whistle because he had called for an alliance with the center, has no intention of letting go.

More primary will be open, the better it will be for Mayor Bordeaux, who is climbing in the polls with the French.

However, the right of supporters continue to believe that the former head of state is better able to win in 2017 as he , according to an Ifop poll published Sunday.


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