Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nicolas Sarkozy in Mulhouse on the referendum: Do as I say … – MetroNews

Nicolas Sarkozy in Mulhouse on the referendum: Do as I say … – MetroNews

The new love Nicolas Sarkozy referendum. Wednesday meeting in Mulhouse for the presidency of the UMP, the former head of state has reiterated in these terms: “In the Republic, we do not fear the referendum because we are not afraid to give the people speak. ” There are two weeks in Paris, he already said: “The possibility for the people to decide by referendum, it is the Republic”

This ode to referendum, Nicolas Sarkozy has intoned. 2012 during his campaign for re-election. At this time, the popular vote had become the alpha and omega of the President to resolve all contentious issues: immigration, unemployment compensation, job training, fiscal rule …. “Making the word to the French, in soliciting their opinions in a referendum when it is necessary to overcome obstacles “appeared in letters of gold in the draft Nicolas Sarkozy for a” strong France “

Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace. no referendum

At the Elysee, however, the least we can say is that Nicolas Sarkozy was not suffering from referendum obsession. In five years in power, he has called … no! And during his successful presidential campaign in 2007, there was no question, but then not at all. A Express who asked March 23 what use have had if he were elected, he replied as follows:. “Modest (…) Do you think that if I am elected, I will immediately tell the French: ‘Excuse me, I need to ask your opinion on something else “

This position is consistent with that adopted in 2005, when Jacques Chirac was subjected? European Constitution referendum. “I’m not sure to vote or adopt a constitution by referendum of several hundred articles is the most suitable formula” had criticized the then president of the UMP. May 29, 2005 remains yet to date, the last date of the referenda in France.


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