Friday, November 28, 2014

Presidency of the UMP: bug when opening the ballot – Liberation

Presidency of the UMP: bug when opening the ballot – Liberation

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Just half an hour after the opening of electronic voting open to UMP militants until Saturday 20 hours to designate their next party leader, some have got cold feet at headquarters, rue de Vaugirard in Paris. And had to scroll through the memories of the fiasco of the Cope-Fillon election of 2012. First time to vote, first bug. Can not access site where members must mention their usernames and passwords to vote.

According to the High Authority, the site saturated connections was the subject of a cyber attack. “With regard to the monitoring of the system, the High Authority found outside attack” says the body chaired by Anne Levade and responsible for the conduct of elections. Technically, the electronic voting system was entrusted to a service provider, the company Paragon Elections. Anxious to reassure the troops, the High Authority said in a statement, that “it is one of the anticipated risks, and (that) provisions were implemented . But at 23:30, the site continued to row, as if lamenting for example several militants on Twitter.

Meeting at the headquarters

According to preliminary figures released by the High Authority, near 8,000 voters – about 268,341 members to date of contribution – were recorded from 20:30 to 22:30 and 11 700

A meeting was to be held in the evening at party headquarters, with the High authority. representatives of the three candidates.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the very sarkozyste Isabelle Balkany playing computer tow with members who lost their nerves.

And as the party of the server continued to grind on Twitter, Alain Juppe called, meanwhile, “our members to vote in large numbers to give back to our UMP new momentum” . Not win.

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