Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Swiss accounting Dassault reportedly gave him $ 53 million in cash – The Obs

Swiss accounting Dassault reportedly gave him $ 53 million in cash – The Obs

Swiss accountant, heard early October by judges investigating suspicions of vote buying in Evry, he described how, according to him, he gave 53 million euros for the mayor of the city, industrial Serge Dassault between 1995 and 2002 show Tuesday, November 18 “Liberation” and France Inter.

The newspaper and radio show trial -verbal hearing in which a man describes the device that would have allowed the manufacturer to Paris to receive cash from Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

It was as wads of 100 euros “

At the center of the device, a Geneva-based financial company, Cofinor, a clearinghouse whose specialty was, according to a description made it a few months ago to AFP by an investigator, to send “where in the world you want your money you put him in Switzerland.”

The liquid Gerard Limat said to have brought Serge Dassault in Paris was initially drawn on accounts in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland, before arriving in the Geneva accounts Cofinor.

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Mr. Dassault country thugs

Therefore, Gérard Limat, heard on October 6 and 7 by investigators, described the result of the circuit that ‘borrowed funds, as revealed by PV “Liberation” and France Inter.

“Cofinor gives me an appointment not too far from the Arc de Triomphe,” the driver “gave me a bag plastic ‘mat’ (Carrefour, Dior, Fnac, etc.), which contains the money in cash surrounded by newsprint. It was only wads of 100 euro. “

” J e understood that he needed cash “

” I never saw the money because I was directly at the roundabout “Champs-Elysées, head of the group,” I got into the office Serge Dassault , I asked the bag in a corner of his office and immediately else we talked, “he told Gerard Limat to investigators.

” I never asked any questions and Serge Dassault I never said anything,” said he further said. Industrial “told me he needed to see me, I understood that he needed money liquid “according to the testimony of Gerard Limat.


Corbeil, a campaign under the shadow of” Tonton “Dassault

Indicted for complicity in financing election campaigns and vote buying and money, who describes Serge Dassault as a” friend “n not establish a link between these deliveries of cash and the alleged vote-buying in Corbeil between 2008 and 2012, investigated the financial judges.

At the age of 89 years, Serge Dassault had been indicted in April for “vote buying”, “complicity in illegal campaign financing” and “financing campaign in excess of the authorized limit.” He acknowledged the gifts, Serge Dassault has always denied having bought the votes of voters in the municipal of 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Solicited Monday night by AFP, his lawyer did not respond.


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