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Turning Cartier: “I have seen it in the movies” – Europe1

Turning Cartier: "I have seen it in the movies" – Europe1

Europe 1

Photo © Julien Ricotta / Europe1
Europe 1

“I will never forget that scene I saw why. in the films. ” A witness to the robbery of Cartier jewelry in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, still breathless. Two individuals were robbed jewelery on Tuesday night before taking a woman hostage they quickly released. They then fled before retreat to a hairdresser fifteenth arrondissement, in the southwest of the capital, where a man, this time, was held hostage. Soon after, the criminals went to the police and the hostage was released. Europe1.fr tell you the scene through the eyes of several witnesses

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“They released the woman in the middle of the road” A witness clearly distinguished by the robbers. full action, close to the Cartier jewelry. “Police arrived at the door. The robbers saw them, they then took a woman hostage to exit. One of the two dropped his weapon, he recovered. They released the woman in the middle of “.

” the road, then they took their scooter a handgun and a machine gun. “ The witness continued:” They dropped a suitcase, they have all recovered on. Just before leaving on their scooters, they fired in the air. They had a handgun and a gray machine gun. ” The man who witnessed the scene, in the heart of the capital, certify that the two individuals

The exclusive video of the leak of the two robbers “were not wearing masks.”

The stage, top view . Another witness was present at the scene for windows located two floors above the Cartier boutique in the corner of Rue François 1er and Pierre Charon. “It is common in the area, there is often noise, but I still had a look,” he says. He then sees a person being shot by one of the robbers.

“Three shots to a minimum.” “ A third person, right next to the other two, then took out a long. As soon weapon I saw that, I tidy up behind the wall. Then I heard at least 3 shots . I did not see when they left, I waited for them to go look again, “we he says. When he throws again an eye, the robbers fled.


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