View a & # XE9; Saharan banks of the Garonne & # xE0; Bordeaux, 23 October 2012
Aerial view of the River Garonne in Bordeaux, October 23, 2012 – Jean Pierre Muller AFP

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The investigators decided to extend the 24-hour custody of the father of a little girl of 21 months who claims that her child fell into the Garonne in the center of Bordeaux on Friday night, Will said Saturday evening with the prosecution.

According to the version given by the father, 34 years old and lives around Libourne (Gironde), the girl walking on the parapet of the Stone Bridge, historic bridge Bordeaux, when it wanted to give a kick that would have tipped into the river.

Research in the river and beaten earth

Warned by the father to 20h, firefighters quickly triggered land and river searches. Two boats, one equipped with a thermal camera, surveyed the river. Battered land were conducted on both banks, downstream from the bridge, in vain. Given the current, the body of the girl could be very far away from its base.

The father was repeatedly heard Saturday by investigators from the Research Section of the judicial police Bordeaux, who have decided to extend the head of the custody of intentional homicide of a minor under 15 years, said the prosecutor told AFP.

Parents separated there A few months conflicted

This is for investigators to “verify the relevance of the scenario” put forward by the father, while the scene would have taken place without witnesses, and deepen a possible “impact of the separation of the couple” on the facts, do we have the same source. By late afternoon, the young man left on a version of an accidental fall, said the prosecutor.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the parents separated a few months ago, were in conflict. Legal proceedings were underway including for the custody of the child. The mother was also heard by investigators.

On November 11, the father of a baby of four months and a half, said it had thrown her baby into the Garonne in Bordeaux. Indicted on Nov. 13 for aggravated murder, this man aged 30 and a native of Togo, was then incarcerated. The infant, whose body is not found, is most likely dead. The investigation showed that the couple had experienced a sharp “marital tension” in the days before the facts.