Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hundreds of protesters against “police brutality” to … – Le Parisien

Hundreds of protesters against "police brutality" to … – Le Parisien

<- Hard & eacute; e: 0.014265060424805 sec -> At least 11 people were arrested Saturday in Toulouse at a glazed expression of skirmishes against “police brutality” and the death of environmentalist Rémi Fraisse, but Paris and Rennes similar marches took place peacefully, according to AFP reporters.
Two of the three events, the call of several formations including left, were prohibited.
<- hard & eacute; e: 0.00026512145996094 sec -> Only one of Paris was allowed
In Toulouse, some 300 people had responded to the call, including from the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA). 31. But sandwiched by a large presence of security forces not to enter the city center, scuffles have finally burst in late afternoon with a core of about 150 protesters. These young
were equipped mainly scarves, gas masks and helmets and throwing projectiles against the forces that patrolled and who responded with tear gas.
An AFP journalist found two cars were burned.
In the early evening, while the demonstration was dispersed, a small group of hooded individuals faced in downtown riot police who responded with tear gas, according to a AFP photographer.
“At least 11 people were arrested,” he does it but police said there had not been, she says, in the late afternoon of acts of vandalism as was the case in the event prohibited from November 1 in the pink city. 13 people are continuing today, four have already been convicted.
– Calm in Paris and Rennes – Paris
event, bringing together some 1,400 people, according to police, was completed in late afternoon calm. In the procession, connecting the Place de la Bastille in the Pere Lachaise cemetery, the demonstrators chanted slogans hostile to the police, including “cops, pigs, murderers” and carried banners “justice required for Rémi Fraisse” or “security policy enough. “
The event was beset by tensions alone, mostly when some hooded booed a cordon of riot police and threw their projectiles. The latter responded with tear gas jet. According to police sources, no major incidents have been reported, however, unless a man was arrested before the start of the parade in possession of two knives.
Death October 26 Rémi Fraisse on the site of the controversial dam Sivens (Tarn) is a “political symbol,” said William Swift, president of the UNEF, the first student organization close to the PS. “This is indicative of a president who midterm did not fulfill the contract with the youth at the time of the presidential election,” he said. “There is a fracture and Remi Fraisse is a symbol of that,” he said.
Finally in Rennes, about 200 to 300 protesters marched in quiet despite the ban of the prefecture. Many shops were closed and the few passers-by. Hundreds of men were mobilized, according to the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine.
Dozens of events, sometimes interspersed with scenes of urban violence were organized throughout France since the death of Rémi Fraisse, offensive killed by a grenade thrown by a policeman during violent clashes. This is the first death in a demonstration repressed by the police in France since 1986.


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