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Protests against police repression: more … – The World

Protests against police repression: more … – The World

In Nantes, a large police presence was deployed three weeks after a previous event in which several people were injured and about twenty others arrested.

Hundreds of people marched in homage to Rémi Fraisse and against violence Police , Saturday, November 22 in twenty French cities . Important safety features have been made to these gatherings. Expanded throughout France, the call to “take the street on November 22″ was first was launched at the initiative of committees opposing the airport project Notre-Dame-des-Landes, near Nantes.

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By 19 hours, the last protesters raised a sit-in in front prefecture of Loire-Atlantique, defended by numerous strengths order. Fourteen people were arrested, according to the prefecture.


In Toulouse, a first quiet event gathered in the morning between 300 and 600, the call of left parties (EELV, PCF, PG, NPA) and labor organizations, to say “non Dam Sivens [Tarn] not the police repression “.

Then in the afternoon, between 400 and a thousand demonstrators took part in an unsanctioned rally. He began peacefully on a shopping street of the city center, while a helicopter flew over the scene gendarmerie and the police in riot gear had prepositioned a vehicle with a water cannon .

In Toulouse, two events were held, one in the morning to the call of leftist parties and trade unions, other unauthorized afternoon.

Part of the procession then moved, and face-to-face with the police is tense: they have used tear gas when some protesters tried to outflank the device to contain them. Garbage cans were set on fire, bus shelters, billboards, storefronts four bank branches and ATMs gradients. According to La Depeche du Midi , a dozen people were arrested.

A helicopter flew over the gendarmerie premises of the event and a vehicle with a water cannon was ready to act in Toulouse.

These incidents, however, were not commensurate with those that occurred the 1 st November during similar events in Nantes and Toulouse, which s ‘had resulted in several injuries and dozens of arrests.

In Paris, hundreds of people gathered at the call of several collective. At Brest, they were about thirty people gathered in front of the town hall, in peace.

In recent weeks, pupils and students had also increased its actions to protest against police violence, nearly a month after . the death of environmentalist 21 years Rémi Fraisse during a demonstration against the Sivens Dam project, near Albi

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