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Corentin death, surgery for appendicitis: several surgeons … – Le Parisien

Corentin death, surgery for appendicitis: several surgeons … – Le Parisien

<- Hard & eacute; e: 0.018460035324097 sec -> Corentin, the 11 year old died Nov. 2 following a botched operation for appendicitis at a clinic in Metz (Moselle), was the victim of two incidents in quick succession at two different interventions, says Republican Lorrain Wednesday.
<- hard & eacute; e: 0.036279916763306 sec -> The first surgeon practicing laparoscopic, would have affected the abdominal aorta of the child, causing the first hemorrhage, according to the local newspaper. A second surgeon would be reached but would have affected the liver, in particular hepatic artery, further aggravating the patient’s condition, according to the newspaper. A third surgeon would then come to the rescue, in vain.

Neither the prosecutor nor the police Metz, in charge of the investigation, were not able to confirm or deny this information. The management of the clinical-Claude Bernard hospital in Metz, where the operation took place, has not communicated on these revelations. Until now its director, Cyril Dufourq, declined to say how many practitioners had occurred in the operating room at the bedside of Corentin.

In an interview published Tuesday Republican Lorrain, a surgeon who operated on the child was “collapsed devastated” by the tragedy, since he lives cloistered at home. “It was an accident,” he argues.

The parents ‘lawyer had “no access to the file’

the floor of Metz opened a criminal investigation against X Friday after his death, but the person or persons involved in the case have not yet been heard by the courts, according to the prosecutor Metz Christian Mercuri. “In this type of case must already collect medical evidence, it is a cumbersome process, very complex,” even if the record is “a priority,” says a source close to the investigation. An autopsy on the body of the child was conducted last week, but the final results “not be known quickly” should because “the experts will take their time considering the issues,” the source said.

Corentin parents filed a complaint against X the day after the death. But their lawyer, Marc Baerthelé is not more advanced at this time. “My clients have not yet been invited by the judge in a civil action, so I do not have access to the file and I do not know what there is in it,” he says Wednesday.

VIDEO. Metz: Corentin’s mother wants the truth

The Regional Health Agency has also commissioned a medical administrative investigation, the results will be communicated to justice, and ‘Clinical Hospital Claude Bernard leads a parallel internal investigation.

VIDEO. Investigation after the death of Corentin (08/11)


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