Saturday, November 15, 2014

The left of the left manifesto against “austerity” Valls – The Obs

The left of the left manifesto against "austerity" Valls – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Thousands of people demonstrated in Paris on Saturday to call the group “Alternative A Austerity” (3A), consisting of left parties of the left, trade unions and associations to “say no to austerity Valls government.”

The group also organized 3A thirty demonstrations in several provincial cities, including Toulouse, Bordeaux and Strasbourg “against the budget of ineffective austerity “, which must be voted on Tuesday in the Assembly, and the” increased repression of social movements, environmental and citizens, “following the death of Rémi Fraisse Sivens (Tarn).

In the capital, the parade between the Place Denfert-Rochereau and the National Assembly met between 7500, according to the Police, and 30,000 people, according to the collective. In total, “100,000 people” were in the streets in France, said the group.

In Toulouse, thousands of people marched Saturday behind the banner “Let’s impose a redistribution of wealth.” The protesters were “2600,” the statement from the police, “5000-6000,” the CGT. In Strasbourg, they were 200, according to organizers, and 300 in Bordeaux.

In the Paris train, floating alongside the flags of PG, PCF or NPA. Stickers and placards New Deal could be seen Together United Left or EELV. Leaders of women’s associations, the fight against unemployment, union CGT, Partners, FO, or FSU were also present, or “mobilized a hundred organizations,” according to Eric Coquerel, coordinator of the Left party.

“This is the largest trade union and community diversity policy since the election of François Hollande, on this side of the political spectrum,” he was bliss.

“To those who want to sell us to finance, people respond resistance +! +” chanted protesters in front of the march, along with many elected officials, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon (PG), Marie-George Buffet (PCF) Olivier Besancenot (NPA), Isabelle Attard (New Deal), Clementine Autain (Ensemble) or Liem Hoang Ngoc, former European Socialist deputy representing the “afflicted socialist”

-. Besancenot wants an explosion social ‘-

“Francois Hollande must understand that it is not our king, it is just our elected,” said Jean-Luc Mélenchon (PG) to the press

<. p> “We did not elect for that!” he has said. “We did not elect to cut public spending, cover police misconduct, despise the lives of ordinary people and claim that it is the courage to amputate that they need every day” has he lashed out, adding: “.! Enough”

Olivier Besancenot (NPA), the 2015 budget, “it is an invoice, painful, presented to millions of people, to pay a gift that has been done in business, which is the covenant of responsibility. This gift, we pay with job losses, particularly in the public service, “he said.

“We will not let the matter,” assured Mr. Besancenot, who hopes a “social explosion major” in the coming weeks. “Today every challenge, there is the possibility of a spark that ignited the powder and the government fears that. We’re here to say that he has good reason to fear,” he does -he said.

“This event is a starting point for us,” said Pierre Laurent (PCF). “I do not expect the current government to change its policy, I see he is still against the wishes of his constituents. I believe in the strength of the people gathered to demand the change of government.”

Michele Kaufer (CGT) also found that “the solution to weigh on the Socialist deputies and the decision makers, the social movement that will create.” “The answer is in the street,” she has said.


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