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Marriage for All: Sarkozy to “repeal” the law Taubira – The Obs

Marriage for All: Sarkozy to "repeal" the law Taubira – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – Nicolas Sarkozy, presidential candidate of the UMP, has finally delivered for the “repeal” of the Taubira marriage law for all after being heckled for first discussed a “rewriting” of the law Saturday in Paris, during a meeting of the Common Sense association.

This is the first time that the former president uses the term “abrogation” whereas, so far, he advocated a “rewriting” of the text on the opening of marriage and adoption to homosexual couples, the main social reform his successor François Hollande.

The three candidates to the presidency of the UMP – Bruno Le Maire, Hervé Mariton and Nicolas Sarkozy – were invited Saturday to come share their vision on the future of their party to Common Sense, an organization within the UMP born in the wake of AKI for all.

“The Taubira law should be rewritten from the ground up,” said Mr. Sarkozy, before about 3,000 people, according to organizers. Frigid Looney, a muse of the time for all AKI, sat in the front row.

He was then interrupted by many participants chanted “Repeal! Repeal!” while others booed.

“If you prefer to be told (to be) Taubira repeal the law to make another … In French, it means the same thing … It leads to the same result. But, if it makes you happy, frankly, it does not cost very expensive, “he finally said Mr. Sarkozy also heckled when he spoke to a” marriage “for homosexuals. In 2007, he promised a civil union without ever implement.

“It serves no purpose that is against surrogacy (surrogacy) if we do not repeal the law Taubira “Has he said a little later, thus triggering loud applause

-. Two separate unions –

The former president, who wishes there has two distinct “marriage” celebrated in the town hall – the classic heterosexual marriage and a specific union for homosexuals – was also very cheered when he said that “the right to a child (was) a folly It does. there is no right to a child, there is desire for a child, “said he said.

Before him, at the podium, Bruno Le Maire, who abstained on Taubira law, was booed for having maintained its opposition to a repeal of the text. “We will not, we the Republican right, on gay marriage”

Conversely, Hervé Mariton was treated to a round of applause for having launched “repeal of the law.” “It was a law, a law can undo,” said the member of the Drôme, who accused Nicolas Sarkozy not to be “clear” about it.

The three candidates spoke in turn, never cross or, a fortiori, to discuss, to the chagrin of Messrs. The Mayor and Mariton.

“Do not be fooled, it is still only statements of intent,” responded Manif for all Saturday night after the “conversion” of Nicolas Sarkozy.

PS denounced him this turn, accusing Mr Sarkozy of “flatter the most reactionary of his grassroots instincts” to 15 days of the election UMP and propose “a new form of segregation” with a separate marriage for gay and straight.

“We need to put this statement is not just a show (…) There has never been back at reform of society, “responded his side Amanda Miguel, spokesman of the Inter-LGBT, a group of associations defending the rights of gays, lesbians, bi and trans.

” Nicolas Sarkozy is a liar “,” he knows he can not do it “because” if it does, it will create inequality “, denounced Vincent Autin, united at the first gay marriage in France, the . May 29, 2013

More surprisingly, the former minister Sarkozy Estrosi held Saturday night to remember its position if it returned to power in 2017, the right must not return on gay marriage is “advanced.”

According to an Ifop poll published Saturday on the website Atlantico, more than two thirds of French (68%) are in favor of gay marriage and a majority (53%) for the adoption of children by same-sex couples, the approval of these new rights progressing very clearly in UMP.

They are now in the majority (58% against 33% in January 2013) to said in favor of gay marriage. And if they are still a minority (38%) to support adoption by same-sex couples, the increase is also significant (16 points).


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