Wednesday, November 19, 2014

School timetables: Sarkozy wants to repeal reform – Le Figaro

School timetables: Sarkozy wants to repeal reform – Le Figaro

When working in Mulhouse, the former president, engaged in the race at the head of the UMP, also promised to “undo” the map of the land reform.

Ten days before the election for the presidency of the UMP, November 29, Nicolas Sarkozy, engaged in the race for the party leadership, promised Wednesday to Mulhouse to repeal the reform of school rhythms he was elected president in 2017. “The school is to learn to read, write and count, not for making pottery (…) the first mission, it is not for them to go in extracurricular but they go to school, “said Sarkozy.

He also promised, if the UMP return to power,” undo “map of the territorial reform, currently being debated in Parliament, which includes the marriage of Alsace and Lorraine with the Champagne-Ardenne region. “I challenge the map of territorial reform while all regions of France, Alsace is the most open in the heart of Europe region,” he said at Alsatian militants.

In addition, Nicolas Sarkozy said that France should practice the “politics of the empty chair” if he returned to power for a reform of the Schengen agreement allowing free movement of citizens within the European Union.

The former president has explicitly referred to General de Gaulle, who refused to sit in the European Council, June 1965 to January 1966, thus preventing it from making decisions, to protest against the changes that he challenged. “In Europe, I do not believe in the possibility to change things from the inside,” he has said in Mulhouse to 2,000 people came to hear part of his campaign for election the presidency of the UMP. “On Schengen, the situation can not continue, it must be the policy of the empty chair,” said he added.


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