Thursday, November 13, 2014

Violence and contempt: 400 euro fine for Marc Machin – TF1

Violence and contempt: 400 euro fine for Marc Machin – TF1

At the bar, he admitted sometimes “impulsive behavior”. “I’m not proud of the turn of events.” Puffy face, left eye blackened, Marc Machin & amp; nbspcomparaissait Thursday before the Paris Criminal Court for contempt and violence after several altercations in Paris.

Man, 32, acquitted in late 2012 after being found guilty of a double murder he did not commit, was charged with “intentional violence” “outrage” and “violence against person holding public authority recidivism.”

In addition to the 400 euro fine, the court ordered him to pay 50 euros in damages to his neighbor. He must also pay 200 euros for non-pecuniary damage caused to each of the three police officers in response to insults. Marc Machin however acquitted “for the benefit of the doubt” for acts of violence with police occurred during police custody, he was released “swollen face” according to his lawyer.

“Without training and the journey that is his” all this “was predictable,” said his lawyer Louis Balling, calling the release. “That fool, instead of selfishly keeping everything becomes generous” with respect to the chap who has a “sickening behavior,” as neighbor whose “friendship is at least one truck,” he has added . The prosecutor, who had felt guilty acts of violence against his neighbor, had asked for a fine of 350 euros, and was delivered to the discretion of the court to the other counts.

Sentenced twice the assizes in 2004 and 2005 for the murder of Marie-Agnes Bedot 1 December 2001 on the bridge of Neuilly (Hauts-de- Seine), Marc Machin was acquitted in December 2012, after a third trial.

In July, Marc Machin was compensated by the court for having spent nearly seven years in prison. It affected more than 660,000 euros in damages. Meanwhile, the real murderer, David Sagno, was made prisoner in March 2008, which allowed the cancellation of Marc Machin’s conviction by the Court of Revision.

It was also sentenced in April 2013 to six months suspended sentence for concealing stolen mobile phone and violence by the criminal court of Paris, five months after his acquittal.


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