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Poll: for supporters of right, Sarkozy best position … – Le Parisien

Poll: for supporters of right, Sarkozy best position … – Le Parisien

<- Hard & eacute; e: 0.0057909488677979 sec -> This should complete the beautiful evening Nicolas Sarkozy, newly elected president of the UMP but with a disappointing score of 64.5% of the vote. According to an Ifop poll for the Journal du Dimanche published on Sunday, 43% of straight supporters believe the new head of the UMP is more likely to win in 2017 Alain Juppé.
<- Hard & eacute; e: 0.00022387504577637 sec -> On the other hand, 40% of French people think the opposite.

The French banking on Juppé …

We already knew – via several opinion polls – the mayor of Bordeaux was the preferred candidate of the French right, Nicolas Sarkozy remains the favorite of the right. According to the survey of the JDD, the situation remains the same when asked to respondents not which candidate they wish to represent even the right, but which candidate seems best suited to their eyes to win the race for the Elysée. The battle for the primary promises to be tight.

At the national level, in fact, 40% of respondents believe that Alain Juppé has the most “ability to win the 2017 presidential election” against 25% for Nicolas Sarkozy. 35% think neither has the ability. They are also the majority find Alain Juppe more serious (53%) Nicolas Sarkozy (16%), more able to gather voters right and center (47% against 21%), to represent the UMP for the election 2017 presidential (43% against 27%) or more sympathetic (43% against 18%).

… but the right sees Sarkozy win

Among supporters of right, the ratio is reversed in contrast with 43% believe that Nicolas Sarkozy has more capacity to win the presidential election of 2017, 71% think it is more dynamic (against 11%) 63% that it has more authority (against 20%), 53% that it has more courage (against 23%), 46% that it has more capacity to represent the UMP in 2017 (against 33%).

When it comes UMP, they are even 53% think that Nicolas Sarkozy is more likely to grab the lead (36% against Alain Juppe), that 57% it has more capacity to represent the UMP for the presidential election (against 34%) but 49% think it is Alain Juppé who has the ability to bring voters to the right and center (against 40% for Nicolas Sarkozy).

The survey was conducted online from 25 to 28 November before the election of Nicolas Sarkozy at the head of the UMP, on a sample of 1,827 people representative of the French population aged 18 and older. Quota method.

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