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Mobilizing opponents Center Parcs Roybon – The World

Mobilizing opponents Center Parcs Roybon – The World

The project of Center Parcs Roybon, in Isère, is described as

Organized by the collective ZAD (zone defending) Roybon is at least the third rally against the project in the region since the launch of the clearing, on 20 October. This new event takes place after the announcement by the President of the Republic for its willingness to open the major project of a more local, participatory democracy on development projects with impacts on the land.

“NEW Sivens”

For four years, the project proponents and opponents are fighting a court battle relentlessly. On 3 October, the Isère prefect had issued an order validating the project after a favorable advisory opinion of the County Council environmental and health risks. The public inquiry had however been made this an unfavorable opinion, pointing to the negative impact of future tourist complex on the environment. Describing the project “crippling” , she pointed in particular the lack of public debate and an impact on wetlands evaluated “at least” 110 ha and 120 ha .dropoff window “Ten times Sivens! “, shout opponents.

The situation ” is now moving to the stage of a new Sivens “, says Meneu Francis, president of the Frapna ( Federation Rhône-Alpes nature protection) Isère. The reference to the protests against the dam Sivens or airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes regularly in the mouths of opponents, hoping to provoke a national debate on the issue.

With the Frapna and Drôme Fishing Federation, the Association for opponents without Chambaran Center Parcs (PCSCP) filed an application for interim measures at the Grenoble Administrative Court to stop the felling of trees, which already affects more than 30 hectares. A hearing is scheduled on 12 December.


At the end of the work, the site will cover 150 hectares, or “0.42% of the total area of ​​the forest” , says the group Pierre & amp; Vacation, which highlights also created 697 jobs and tax benefits for local communities. These arguments have convinced many of the Isère elected, right and left, the first of which the Secretary of State André Vallini (PS), former president of the council.

“The Center Parcs traders await impatiently. Economic activity is needed. Pretext that 33 000 hectares of forest, it will not stay to look down chestnuts in autumn “, argues Marcel Bachasson, General Counsel (UMP) and former mayor of Roybon (2001- 2014)


Pierre & amp.; Holidays ensures the contrary designing the project “in the greatest respect for the environment” , according to Eric Magnier, major projects director Pierre & amp group; Vacances-Center Parcs, which denounces “against-truths” and only mentions 76 hectares of destroyed wetlands. The construction of homes should begin in the fall of 2015.

If he was born in late 2017, the Center Parcs Roybon will be the sixth in France and 25 th in Europe. The building site is subject to “harassment” and acts of “vandalism” almost “every night” with damaged fences , surveyor stakes and moved equipment fire, according to Eric Magnier. “We are forced to move every night clearing gear” , he said, explaining that the work had already took fifteen days to three weeks late.


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